PC Optimum Is Making Members Change Their Passwords To Avoid Further Pwnage

The IT security nightmare for Loblaws that is called the PC Optimum program that has been pwned by hackers repeatedly and has resulted in reward points being stolen from members has taken a bit of a twist. Today, members of the PC Optimum program have been getting emails like this one:


“Keepin’ your security on point”? Who wrote that? A millennial?

So they are forcing members to change their passwords which is something that they have said is the cause of their headaches. But I did note that in the changelog for a recent PC Optimum app update on iOS it did say this:


If you look at the entry for version 3.2.0, it makes mention of improving their password requirements. Which implies that when whey said that they had a password issue several months ago, that was true. But when they said that they fixed it, that wasn’t true at the time and might have become true in the last couple of weeks. That’s pretty lame on their part because it likely means that whatever issue or issues that they’ve had are still ongoing.

In any case, if you are a member of the PC Optimum program, you should change your password to something strong. Such as something that has at least 8 or more characters, one or more uppercase letters, one or more numbers, and a special character ($%#@!* for example). But call me skeptical, seeing as Loblaws has really managed to screw this up in epic fashion for months, I don’t expect that this will put an end to members of this program having their points swiped by hackers. Thus don’t be shocked if I am still writing about this in the weeks and months ahead.


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