SAP Concur Sees That Airbnb Corporate Travel Bookings Are On The Rise

Businesses and employees have been turning to alternative forms of accommodation for the past few years – most notably with Airbnb – and this trend shows no sign of slowing. As a response to this growing demand, SAP Concur announced this week that it is the first corporate travel solution to offer Airbnb listings directly from their travel platform, Concur Travel. Business travelers can now search, book and review Airbnb properties alongside hotels.

SAP Concur / Airbnb Data

Total booking amounts for Airbnb increase across the globe

Worldwide, SAP Concur data shows Airbnb bookings are on the rise, with APAC (85%), EMEA (65%) and the Americas (53%) all continuing upward year-over-year growth. In the Americas, the U.S. still expensed the highest amount of Airbnb lodgings. However, Mexico showed the fastest growth in spend, followed by Canada and the U.S.

Toronto among most expensed cities, along with San Francisco and London

Toronto is the only Canadian city to be included in a ranking of the most expensed cities. On SAP Concur, business travelers expensed more spend on Airbnb accommodations quarter-over-quarter in San Francisco than any other city, while London consistently ranked second place.

Quarterly variances in Airbnb expenses on SAP Concur often correspond to large industry events. For example, bookings spike in Austin, TX during Q1 each year, as business travelers make their way to South by Southwest. The top five spots are occupied by eight different cities across the eight quarters that were measured.

Airbnb lodging for business travel continues to grow globally among SAP Concur customers

According to SAP Concur expense data from Q1 2016 through Q4 2017, they found:

  • More business travellers are booking earlier. In 2017, 54% of Airbnb bookings were made at least 15 days in advance, an increase from 2016 (45 percent)
  • Business spend on Airbnb peaks in October. On average, SAP Concur customers spend 26% more on Airbnb lodgings compared to other months. In fact, October happens to be one of the busiest months for business travel overall, with previous SAP Concur data showing 20% more business travellers making trips during this time of year.
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most popular weekdays for Airbnb stays, with an average of 22 percent more bookings on these days compared to other weekdays.
  • Higher Education institutions continue to spend the most on Airbnb lodging per year across industries, followed by technology companies.
  • From 2016 to 2017, the percentage of Airbnb bookings in SAP Concur which either began or ended on a weekend increased from 51% to 56%.

Airbnb Integration with SAP Concur

Airbnb has been a valued partner to SAP Concur for years. The connection to Concur TripLink has enabled travelers to stay within company policy while booking lodging directly from In the coming weeks, Airbnb listings will be viewed directly within Concur Travel. As the only corporate travel solution with Airbnb listings embedded directly in the online booking tool (OBT), SAP Concur clients can now seamlessly search for and view Airbnb listings alongside hotels, including pictures of properties and review ratings which are so important to Airbnb customers.

This builds on Airbnb’s existing connection via TripLink, which simplifies expense reporting after a trip as itineraries and e-receipts are automatically fed back to SAP Concur, helping prepopulate employee expense reports.



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