Hyundai Canada Launches BuyRight

Hyundai Canada has announced Hyundai BuyRight, a new program designed to provide customers who are shopping for a new vehicle in Canada with more convenience, flexibility, transparency, and peace-of-mind. BuyRight offers customers a comprehensive suite of tools to help make researching, purchasing and owning a vehicle as seamless and easy as possible.


A core component of this program is Hyundai Express Shopping which is a digital platform that enables customers to organize and facilitate vehicle purchases online. First piloted with a select number of Hyundai dealerships in Canada this past spring, the platform is now available to all of Hyundai’s dealerships across the country. This tool allows customers to complete many of the processes that were traditionally completed in-person at dealerships, now online, and at their own leisure.

Hyundai Express Shopping allows customers to build-and-price their ideal Hyundai vehicle online so they can decide which model, trim, colour, accessories and warranty best suits their lifestyles. The tool also provides customers with a firm trade-in value for their current vehicle, the option to complete an online credit application, and the ability to book a test drive at their preferred Hyundai dealership.

The Hyundai BuyRight program also includes a new Five Day Car Exchange Commitment to ensure customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. In the event that a customer changes his or her mind on a particular vehicle, he or she can easily switch to a different Hyundai vehicle within five days.

On the website customers can use the online competitor comparison tool, and can also read third-party vehicle reviews from current Hyundai customers, making the research and comparison process more transparent than ever before.



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