Google To Restrict Tech Support Ads….It’s A Start

Google is going to restrict advertisements placed by third-party technical support providers, in an effort to stem a rising tide of abuse and fraud by scammers who offer to fix non-existent problems on consumers’ computers.

The restriction for tech support ads comes after Google collaborated with law enforcement and government agencies to address abuse in the area, the company’s director of public policy David Graff wrote. All ads for technical support will be restricted worldwide, even for legitimate providers, Graff said. Google’s banned such ads because the company finds it increasingly difficult to tell scammers from legitimate providers, as the fraudulent activity happens away from the company’s platform.

This is a great move as these scammers really are scum that should be wiped off the face of the Earth based on these two examples that I’ve personally come across. Though this won’t help the phone calls that people get that are just as dangerous, and much harder to stop.

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