LinkedIn Unveils The First Edition Of Canada’s Top Startups Of 2018

LinkedIn today has released the first Canadian edition of the 2018 Top Startups list, featuring the most sought-after startups where professionals want to work and stay. The top five startups in Canada are Wealthsimple, Coinsquare, Element AI, League Inc. and Kira Systems.

From cutting-edge artificial intelligence research to art-inspired beer, the results are based on the actions of LinkedIn’s more than 575 million professionals (over 14 million in Canada alone) and looks at four main pillars: employment growth, engagement, job interest and attraction of top talent.

In the race for talent, an ever-evolving fundraising landscape and industry rife with unprecedented innovation, startups are cutting through the noise with inventive benefits and perks, visionary leadership and their own unique spin on what it means to be a top startup.

These are the most sought-after startups on LinkedIn right now by professionals:

  1. Wealthsimple: Since its 2014 launch, the company has grown to manage over $2 billion for more than 75,000 clients in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Wealthsimple was named one of the top 5 “narwhals,” a group of 40 Canadian tech companies that are most likely to become Unicorns, according to University of Toronto’s Impact Center.
  2. Coinsquare: The startup also launched a wealth management business so individuals can ride the cryptocurrency wave via curated investment products, including two new securities indices — one focused solely on blockchain. Four-year-old Coinsquare is the fastest-growing company on this list, expanding its employee base by over 92% in the 12 months through June.
  3. Element AI: The startup is going head-to-head with bigger (and better financed) players like Google and IBM but is hoping to win over clients with A.I. researchers from top universities. The 2-year-old startup has more than 70 Ph.Ds among its employees and boasts the largest privately-owned A.I. R&D lab in Canada.
  4. League Inc.: The digital platform allows employees to curate their healthcare options beyond traditional insurance, including reimbursement for everything from gym memberships to art therapy. The 4-year-old startup raised $62 million in July to help fund its U.S. expansion as well as its 2019 launch in the U.K. and EU.
  5. Kira Systems: Meet the company helping law firms and corporations like Deloitte analyze contracts more efficiently using machine-learning technology. The bootstrapped company grew its revenue by 700% in the three years through 2017 — and provided tangible value for clients. Law firm Fenwick & West said its M&A licensing team cut its document review time in half, on average, thanks to Kira’s technology.


The Top Startups list is a part of the LinkedIn List franchise, an ongoing editorial series that celebrates professionals and companies making an impact in the professional world. LinkedIn evaluated key factors for eligibility including interest in the company, engagement with employees, job interest and retention. The list includes rankings for the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. LinkedIn Lists are fueled by a combination of exclusive LinkedIn data mapping the professional landscape and an editorial lens from LinkedIn’s global editorial team. The lists deliver insightful introductions to the people and companies who are impacting the professional landscape.

*For fairness, Linkedin has removed LinkedIn and Microsoft from consideration for the LinkedIn Top Startups list.

2018 LinkedIn Top Startups: Canada’s most sought-after startups

  1. Wealthsimple
  2. Coinsquare
  3. Element AI
  4. League Inc.
  5. Kira Systems
  6. TribalScale
  7. Ample Organics
  8. Ritual
  9. Loopio
  10. Flow
  11. Planswell
  12. StackAdapt
  13. Thalmic Labs
  14. Prodigy Game
  15. Dialogue
  16. Collective Arts Brewing
  17. Rangle
  18. Tulip Retail
  19. Deciem
  20. TouchBistro
  21. Behaviour
  22. GroupBy Inc.
  23. AlayaCare
  24. TrackTik
  25. Connected


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