ASUS Announces New Apps for ScreenPad

ASUS has announced a wave of new and updated apps for the revolutionary ScreenPad, the intelligent touchpad available exclusively on the latest ZenBook Pro series of professional laptops.

The new apps — ScreenPad for Spotify, Adobe Sign and Handwriting — add new functionality and features to ScreenPad. The updated ASUS Sync app makes it easier than ever to integrate a smartphone with ZenBook Pro, while the improved Extender Mode turns ScreenPad into a secondary Windows display for dual-screen productivity.

Launched to worldwide acclaim at Computex in June, 2018, ScreenPad cleverly combines a touchpad with a high-resolution, full-colour touchscreen to offer novel ways of interacting intelligently with both Windows apps and dedicated programs called ScreenPad Apps. Adaptive functions with context-sensitive tools enhance workflow and productivity, and ScreenPad is fully customizable to allow users to personalize their experience.

The new apps and updates are available to download via the ScreenPad settings menu. An online tutorial highlighting the features and capabilities of ScreenPad is available at

ScreenPad for Spotify

ScreenPad for Spotify brings support for the popular music-streaming platform to ScreenPad, giving users seamless control of Spotify via intuitive playback and volume controls on ScreenPad. 

Efficient input: Adobe Sign and Handwriting

ScreenPad’s handwriting recognition capabilities opens up a world of new productivity-enhancing possibilities. Adobe Sign allows users to sign the PDF documents without having to scan in a written signature. The Handwriting app is an intuitive way to input written words and characters in any supported language[i]. 


ASUS Sync provides integration with smartphones running the free ASUS Sync app. It can allow you to mirror the screen of smartphone either on ScreenPad or main screen. So, you can use the laptop keyboard to response messages efficiently. Also, you can use the larger screen to touch and interact with your game or app with more fun. ScreenPad also keeps all the message notification and provides a seamless integration with phone to receive new call and call back.

Extender Mode

In Extender Mode, ScreenPad works just like an external monitor, providing a secondary Windows display. This updated feature now has optimized Windows screen settings to make it even easier to use, and there’s a new function that allows users to easily switch between the main screen and ScreenPad. Users can also now choose to interact with content on ScreenPad with a cursor, or use touchscreen controls.                          


ASUS ScreenPad is currently available exclusively on the new ZenBook Pro 15 (UX580). Please contact your local ASUS representative for further information.


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