EXCLUSIVE: The Nightmare Of Rogers And The Apple Watch Continues As Business Customers Discover That They Can’t Use The Apple Watch With Business Plans

Well, just when you thought that Rogers was about to get past their ongoing issues of bringing Apple Watch support to their network comes news that business customers can’t get the Apple Watch added to their plans. I came across this Tweet a few minutes ago while monitoring reactions to the launch of Apple Watch support on the Rogers network. I had to blank out some of the content as I like to think this is a safe for work blog:

apple watch gong show

Upon seeing this, I pinged some of my contacts within Rogers who speak to me on background. They confirmed that Rogers doesn’t support business customers at this time. The thing is that Rogers had to have seen what happened to Telus who tripped over the same issue and who had to scramble to get that sorted in a hurry. Thus for Rogers to not take that into account and launch something that is strictly consumer focused is incredibly short sighted on their part. You have to wonder what they were thinking. In the meantime, if you’re a business customer who wants an Apple Watch, Telus seems to be your only option at the moment.

UPDATE: I got this from a Rogers customer.

I am guessing that’s what business users are seeing when they try to activate. If that’s not enough, I am now getting reports of people of all account types having issues activating period. There’s an example of that in the comments section. This is clearly not going well for Rogers at all.

UPDATE #2: Thanks to the loyal readers that pointed out that Bell supports the Apple Watch with LTE on business accounts as well. Unlike Rogers who continues to quote 2019 as a date that business accounts will be supported:

You really have to wonder what is going on at Rogers HQ these days as this is just mind blowing that this is happening at all.


5 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: The Nightmare Of Rogers And The Apple Watch Continues As Business Customers Discover That They Can’t Use The Apple Watch With Business Plans”

  1. What’s even better NO ONE can activate a Apple watch on ANY plan right now!! The activation process fails on various points for different people, I get the error dialogue of ” Apple Watch has been added to your account successfully but we can’t link the plan”, what a joke!

  2. 2019! This is mind-boggling, how can justify being so far behind the competition.

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