Apple Mum When It Comes To Reports Of iPhones Not Charging…. #ChargeGate

It seems that there’s a new issue for Apple to deal with. Dubbed “#ChargeGate” there are a growing number of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners in the Apple Support Communities complaining that the devices fail to start charging when a Lightning cable is plugged in while the screen is turned off. Though there are also reports of some users who are experiencing the same issue on older iPhones and iPads as well. That kind of implies a software issue. But that’s far from certain at this point.

Lewis Hilsenteger AKA the YouTuber known as “Unbox Therapy” posted a video the problem:

Apple as usual has nothing to say about this. But given that there is apparently no known workaround and only some suggestions that may or may not work for you, Apple needs to at least say something. If not address the issue quickly.




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