Bragi Files For Preliminary Injunction Against OnePlus

A while ago I wrote about about Bragi’s lawsuit against OnePlus over the latter’s apparent infringement of the former’s IP. Today Bragi have filed for a preliminary injunction because according to them, OnePlus continues to violate their IP. Here’s a statement from Bragi:

Bragi has filed for a preliminary injunction against OnePlus in the USA to enjoin OnePlus from continued use of the “Dash Charge” mark. This was due to the failure of OnePlus to cease their continuing violation of Bragi’s trademark rights, despite assertions by OnePlus to the contrary.  Trademark offices in the USA and European Union have both rejected OnePlus’ application for the “DASH CHARGE” mark and agreed that OnePlus’ continued use of this mark is likely to cause confusion among consumers in view of Bragi’s preexisting “The Dash” mark.

Stay tuned for more from this legal battle as things are clearly heating up.

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