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Bragi Reveals First Applications Of nanoAI

Posted in Commentary with tags on December 3, 2018 by itnerd

Bragi, the company behind The World’s First Hearable , confirmed in February of this year its long-term plan of developing AI on IoT devices. Nine months after the introduction of nanoAI, Bragi discloses the first pilot applications of its technology in cooperation with various industry leaders.

The amount of IoT devices deployed worldwide is exploding across all industries and cloud computing is overwhelmed with challenges that prevent IoT from scaling. For this reason, the center of data production and computing is transitioning from the cloud to the edge creating the need of IoT devices with a small but power efficient footprint.

nanoAI is a comprehensive ultra-efficient technology suite that enables computing and data analysis on the edge with the lowest memory and processing footprint to date; therefore, supports IoT devices to scale by reducing latency, increasing security and privacy and lowering cloud storage costs.

The development of this technology has allowed Bragi to further expand, besides the wearable industry, into the industrial, smart city and transportation industries.

As a first enactment of Bragi’s expertise within the wearable industry, the company offers a platform that provides smart features and tailored service integrations to customers belonging to the consumer electronics, logistics, industrial and governmental sectors. Thus, innovative business models and value propositions can be created allowing a next generation user experience of wearables. The offered technology is based on Bragi’s next generation IoT platform and the first deployment of customer specific solutions will be available Q2 2019.

Within the industrial, smart city and transportation industries, nanoAI can be applied in multiple ways and can retrofit existing solutions. nanoAI provides predictive maintenance capabilities to recognize malfunctioning parts in machinery, optimizes monitoring within an urban environment and provides the building blocks needed to support new business models within logistics.

The further development of Bragi’s B2B business unit has come with the acceptance of the company as a member of Industrial IoT Council, its inclusion in the appliedAI Ecosystemafter being recognized among the top 100 AI startups in Germany, and in the Nvidia Inception partner program.

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Bragi Files For Preliminary Injunction Against OnePlus

Posted in Commentary with tags on October 26, 2018 by itnerd

A while ago I wrote about about Bragi’s lawsuit against OnePlus over the latter’s apparent infringement of the former’s IP. Today Bragi have filed for a preliminary injunction because according to them, OnePlus continues to violate their IP. Here’s a statement from Bragi:

Bragi has filed for a preliminary injunction against OnePlus in the USA to enjoin OnePlus from continued use of the “Dash Charge” mark. This was due to the failure of OnePlus to cease their continuing violation of Bragi’s trademark rights, despite assertions by OnePlus to the contrary.  Trademark offices in the USA and European Union have both rejected OnePlus’ application for the “DASH CHARGE” mark and agreed that OnePlus’ continued use of this mark is likely to cause confusion among consumers in view of Bragi’s preexisting “The Dash” mark.

Stay tuned for more from this legal battle as things are clearly heating up.

Bragi files action against OnePlus for infringement

Posted in Commentary with tags on September 21, 2018 by itnerd

Nikolaj Hviid, CEO of Bragi GmbH, today announced that the Company has filed a complaint in the European Union alleging intentional infringement of Bragi registered trademarks, in addition to the ongoing litigation in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The American action alleges that Chinese phone and wireless earphone manufacturer OnePlus infringes Bragi’s THE DASH trademark.  The World’s First Hearable, incorporates the innovative Dash Charger to act as both a charger and battery supply.  The worldwide acceptance of the amazing technoogy of The Dash has been amplified by Bragi’s The Dash Pro and The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey Hearing Technologies. The complaint alleges that OnePlus’ Dash Charge infringes Bragi’s THE DASH trademark.

Both the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office have denied OnePlus’ attempts to register their own Dash Charge trademark, finding that its use would cause confusion among consumers in view of Bragi’s THE DASH trademark.  Mr. Hviid is adamant:

“This action is part of our continuing efforts to protect the Company’s valuable intellectual property.  We previously warned OnePlus to stop infringing our trademark, and regret that we have to bring this action to enforce our intellectual property rights. Their intentional infringement of our trademarks cannot and will not be tolerated. These actions by OnePlus threaten all companies who legitimately develop and obtain intellectual property”.