Will These Extortion Phishing Emails Ever Stop?

While I am waiting to see what happens with that last extortion phishing email that I got my hands on and decided to have some fun with, I have another one for your reading pleasure:

Hi.. .

This won\’t take too much of your study time, and so right to the point. I obtained a footage of you makin\’ mayo while at the pornweb site you\’re stopped at, because of an incredible arse software program I have was able to put on a couple of websites with that sort of content material.

You press play and all the cams and a microphone start recording in addition it saves every damn detail from your computer, just like contact information, passkey and crap like that, guess exactly where i obtained this e-mail from?) So now we all know who my goal is to deliver that to, just in case you aren\’t going to negotiate this along with me.

I am going to place a account address down below so that you can send me 350 $ within Three dayz maximum via bitcoin. Notice, it\’s not that large of a sum to cover, suppose that makes me not that terrible of a man.

You are allowed to complete whichever the shit you want to, yet in case i will not see the total amount within the time period stated over, well… u by now know what could happen.

Therefore it\’s under your control right now. I\’m not going to move through everything and crap, simply ain\’t got time for that and you possibly know that internet is filled with emails like this, therefore it\’s as well your final choice to believe in this or not, there is just a proven way to discover.

The following is my btc wallet address- [BITCOIN ADDRESS REDACTED]

Have fun and just remember that wall clock is beating)

What was interesting is that this one used an email address that was spoofed from the University Of Sudbury. That implies that they have a bit of an IT security problem that they should address. Like right the hell now. I’ve reached out to them to let them know about that by the way. It also had a secondary domain that routes to a sample website but no clear owner. So I can’t contact the owner of that domain to give them a heads up. Other than that, there’s really nothing remarkable about this email. It looks like some guy who isn’t particularly skilled trying to  cash in on this craze of extortion phishing emails.

And by the way, this is now the ninth variant of this scam. But the last eight extortion phishing scams that I told you about in the last few months, there’s nothing worth investigating further. Instead, I’ll just put this out there so that if you get it, you can ignore it.

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