Salesforce Releases 2018 Q3 Holiday Data/Shopping Index Report

Salesforce’s recently released 2018 Q3 Holiday Data/Shopping Index Report, as the busiest shopping season of the year approaches.

The report shows regional data and global insights about consumer’s online shopping habits.

Canadians are spending on social media:

  • Canadian shoppers are the most social compared to their peers abroad. Six per cent of digital traffic in Canada came from social channels in Q3, a 118 per cent increase since last year.
  • 42 per cent of Canadian shoppers in Q3 placed an order using a mobile device (slightly below the global average of 45 per cent.)

Shoppers continue to go digital:

  • In Q3, global digital revenue growth accelerated to 17 per cent, driven by growth in traffic (11 per cent) and shopper spend (6 per cent.)
  • In Q3 Canadian retailers grew 30 per cent year over year, seeing the second most digital growth globally.
  • Buying signals were the strongest ever for a non-holiday period, as 22 per cent of shoppers searched, created a cart, or began a checkout this quarter.

Online searches are driving shoppers to sites:

  • Use of site search increased from 9 per cent to 11 per cent of all visits over the past two years.
  • Revenue contribution from site searches remains flat at 25 per cent, indicating a need for brands and retailers to fine-tune their search and advertising strategies.

The report is very much worth reading as it gives some good insights to shoppers as Black Friday approaches.

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