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CYBER WEEK RESULTS: Online Sales In Canada Down 8% YoY, But Up 2% globally

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As Cyber Week 2022 draws to a close, Salesforce released its annual Cyber Week report, which analyses shopping data from over one and a half billion shoppers on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. Overall, global sales reached $280.8 billion, a 2% increase YoY. However, Canadian shoppers held back as compared to last year.

In Canada, over the course of Cyber Week we saw:

  • Online sales down 8% YoY
  • While the online sales were down as compared to last year, the average order value was up by 0.3% at $106
  • Overall traffic was down 1% YoY. In terms of device traffic, mobile proved to be the most popular for shoppers to visit from, with 70% of Black Friday traffic coming from mobile, 29% from computer and 3% from tablet

Further information on the results is available in the Holiday Hub, which has been updated daily over Cyber Week.

Pre-Cyber Week: Online traffic up 4% & sales down 10% YoY for Canadian Retailers

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As we lead up to Cyber Week 2022, Salesforce has released its latest digital commerce data and predictions for the period that you might be interested in.

Key Canadian findings include:

  • Digital traffic was up 4% in Canada YoY as consumers started their hunt for holiday gifts.
  • While consumers started their browsing early, digital commerce revenue was down 10% in Canada YoY.
  • While the digital commerce revenue is down, the average order value of Canadian shoppers is $112 – a 0.3% increase compared to last year 
  • Credit card payment remains the most popular method, but Financing and Apple Pay have shown significant YoY growth by 70% and 76% respectively

As a result, Salesforce predicts that:

  • A sluggish start could mean a bigger than expected Cyber Week
  • Discounts will deliver value to consumers and free up inventory and shelf space for retailers
  • Chatbots and automated service will skyrocket

Further information on the data and predictions is available in their newsroom post alongside Salesforce’s Holiday Hub, which will be updated daily over Cyber Week. 

Salesforce Apparently Cut “Hundreds” Of Employees On Monday

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Even before the news that Meta has slashed thousands of jobs hit the wires, news filtered out on Tuesday that customer relationship management software provider Salesforce has cut jobs on Monday. CNBC has the details:

Salesforce on Tuesday confirmed that it cut some employees this week after the enterprise software maker saw demand lighten in some countries and industries.

Protocol reported earlier on the cuts, saying they could affect up to 2,500 employees. One person familiar with the matter said Salesforce let go of fewer than 1,000 people Monday. At the end of January it employed 73,541 people. In August Salesforce said in a filing that headcount rose 36% in the past year “to meet the higher demand for services from our customers.”

“Our sales performance process drives accountability. Unfortunately, that can lead to some leaving the business, and we support them through their transition,” a Salesforce spokesperson told CNBC in a statement.

With a looming recession, I’m expecting to be writing a lot of stories like this. And the thing is that I work with a number of people that are employed by Salesforce. I’ll be pinging them to make sure that they still have jobs because things are getting brutal out there.

Salesforce Launches Automotive Cloud 

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A recent poll from Ipsos shows that 84% of buyers wish the process of shopping for or purchasing a car was easier, illustrating that the role and model of the automotive industry needs to change. 

Bringing that change to the industry, Salesforce today announces Automotive Cloud — a new product tailor made for automakers, their customers, enabling real-time personalization and intelligence across the customer and vehicle lifecycle.

Only 23% of retailers and 26% of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) actually believe their companies have adapted well to selling online, according to Salesforce’s first Trends in Automotive Report published in August. With the Canadian and US governments continuing to champion the push to EV, businesses will need to adapt to survive this period of historic transformation, making technological innovations like Automotive Cloud an imperative. 

Also of interest is the full Trends in Automotive Report features key data and insights from 500 global decision makers across the automotive industry, including OEMs, auto finance subsidiaries, and dealers. 

Salesforce Makes Three Announcements At Dreamforce

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Dreamforce is happening this week in San Francisco, and Salesforce will have lots of announcements coming out of the conference. Three of them have already appeared. They are as follows:

Partnership with WhatsApp

Salesforce and WhatsApp announced a new strategic partnership that will allow businesses to connect with their customers and build new messaging experiences on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp-first business messaging will be a new way to sell, market, and support right from a conversation to increase customer engagement, accelerate sales, and drive better customer support outcomes. Key features:

  • Businesses can craft end-to-end customer journeys to offer seamless experiences as 90% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services
  • Brands will be able to personalize marketing-driven interactions on WhatsApp in real-time using trusted first-party customer data
  • Reduction in support wait time and increased efficiency by using a combination of convenient automation and personal interactions via messaging on WhatsApp. 
  • Customizable message templates that include brand and product videos and images or showcase products and services with interactive messages that allow consumers to review and purchase products in WhatsApp.

Innovations to Slack

  • Slack Canvas is a new surface in the digital HQ that will transform how teams can curate, organize, and share critical resources. 
  • Slack huddles builds on its audio-first experience by offering teams lightweight video, multi-person screen sharing, message threads, and more to power live coworking sessions. 
  • The new Slack platform Developers and teams can transform work with new ways to automate tasks and connect siloed systems
  • Slack Partner Industry Solutions Slack-certified consulting partners are launching the first wave of industry-specific solutions for financial services, manufacturing, communications, retail, media, and technology.

Net Zero MarketplaceSalesforce introduced the Net Zero Marketplace, a trusted platform that makes carbon credit purchases simple and transparent, allowing organizations to accelerate climate positive impact at scale.

Key benefits:

  • Organizations can purchase carbon credits to help mitigate their direct emissions by investing in projects that avoid, reduce, or remove carbon from the atmosphere. 
  • At launch, Net Zero Marketplace will offer more than 60 projects across the world and buyers will be able to see project descriptions, alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with official third-party ratings, all with the help of a strong partner network of ecopreneurs.
  • The Net Zero Marketplace will also provide detailed information about projects and other sustainability-related topics to any individual who wants to learn and engage in climate action.

There’s likely to be more coming from Dreamforce so stay tuned for updates.

50% Of Customers Think They’ll Get Better Services By Threatening To Switch Providers: Salesforce

Posted in Commentary with tags on August 10, 2022 by itnerd

Salesforce has released their 2022 Trends in Communications Report — featuring key data and insights gathered from a survey of 500 industry experts and 6,000 consumers worldwide. 

The report reveals new customer expectations and industry insights against a backdrop of industry changes, with standout findings including: 

  • Half of customers (50%) believe they get the best service when they threaten to switch to a different provider
  • 51% of customers reported they prefer to do business online, with 64% reporting having used their provider’s website over the last month
  • Most customers don’t recognise the benefits of 5G in providing more reliable internet for underserved communities (53%), immersive entertainment (72%), internet of things (IoT) capabilities (72%), or real-time control of remote devices (74%). 

You can find the full report here if you’re interested in more data points from the study. It’s pretty timely given the recent Rogers outage and the fallout from that, along with the fact that Canadians pay way too much for their telco services.

Inflation Drives Prices Over 10% In February YoY For Canadian Consumers: Salesforce

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Salesforce today released its February Shopping Index Report which analyzes data from over one billion shoppers globally. As inflation drove higher prices, the report revealed that prices for Canadian consumers rose a dramatic 10.4% YoY in February while only by 4.4% globally YoY.

Overall, challenges including inflation, low inventory and supply chain management have impacted consumer spending in Canada creating new hurdles for retailers. 

Key Canadian Data – Salesforce’s February Shopping Index: 

  • Following a holiday season with modest growth, digital commerce sales in Februarydropped by 21% YoY in Canada, and decreased by 5% YoY globally.
  • Prices for consumers in Canada rose 10.4% YoY in February while globally prices increased by 4.4% YoY.
  • Product inventory in February shrank by -22% in Canada and -5% globally as retailers and consumers continued to grapple with supply chain issues and rising costs brought on by inflation.
  • Product categories with the highest price growth globally in February include:
    • Home, Furniture (21.8%)
    • Home, Appliances (17.9%)
    • Home, Dining, Art & Decor (11%)
  • Product categories with least price growth globally  in February include:
    • Active Footwear (1.3%)
    • General Footwear (.8%)
    • Electronics and Accessories (.5%)

 You can read more here.

Salesforce & Amazon Web Services Partner For Next-Generation Video Streaming

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Today Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a customizable direct-to-customer offering for next-generation video streaming and monetization. 

Building and scaling a profitable D2C streaming service that helps content distributors manage the customer lifecycle remains a complex task. This is because attracting and retaining a diverse audience while delivering consistent high-quality video content represent a few of the challenges content distributors still face. 

To help alleviate some of these pain points, Salesforce and AWS’s new D2C offering combines high-quality video streaming technology with unique viewer data and feedback analysis tools to enable content distributors to deliver more personalized viewer experiences.

Key Features

  • More Integrated, Personalized Experiences: Content distributors can personalize viewer experiences while driving new subscriber acquisition, generating incremental revenues while increasing customer loyalty, retention, and support.  
  • Increased Retention and Additional Insights into Viewer Intelligence: Content distributors gain deeper insight into subscriber engagement with content such as clickstream actions or likes and dislikes on specific content recommendations served up to a subscriber. 
  • Configurable Platform to Easily Support Innovation: Content distributors now have a view into the entire subscriber journey and engagement with their content from start to finish.

For further information see here.

81% of Canadians Struggling To Learn Digital Skills: Salesforce

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Salesforce Canada’s newly published Digital Skills Index reveals that 81% of Canadians are currently struggling with learning the digital skills needed for work with that sentiment increasing to 86% in the next five years. 

According to LinkedIn, many of the  top 20 growing jobs in Canada for 2022 require digital-savvy skills such as an e-commerce coordinator or data science specialist. However, the Digital Skills Index reveals that respondents rate themselves as ‘beginner’ in many of the skills needed for these growing job titles: AI (78%), coding and development (73%), and product management technology (60%).  

Key highlights of the report include: 

  • Nearly three-quarters of Canadians (81%) don’t feel equipped to learn the digital skills needed by businesses now and even more (86%) don’t feel equipped for the future.
  • Younger respondents have the greatest confidence and ambition to learn new skills – 17% of Gen Z is actively learning and training for skills needed over the next five years compared to 8% of Baby Boomers.
  • According to the Index, skills in collaboration technology are viewed as the most important skills needed by businesses today and over the next five years, but only 19% of Canadians rate themselves ‘advanced’ in those collaboration technology skills needed for the workplace.

For further details here’s a link to the Digital Skills Index data dashboard here.

Salesforce Announces Safety Cloud To Help Businesses Reopen Safely

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Today Salesforce announced the launch of Safety Cloud, a tool to help businesses better manage their entry protocols and health testing to create safer in-person experiences at events and in the workplace. 

With Ontario emerging from its fourth lockdown yesterday, it’s clear that Canadian businesses and governments are struggling with effective ways of managing and tracking the health and safety of the public. Though 56% of Canadians supported the latest round of government restrictions, one in four people feel increased loneliness due to lockdowns, longing to ‘just move on with it.’ Going forward, technology will play a critical role in bringing communities together safely. 

Key Safety Cloud Features

  • Management of health and safety protocols: Innovations allow employees and customers to get together safely by automating protocols and easily scaling health status collection
  • Collect and verify COVID health status: Organizations can now implement and manage health and safety protocols, collect and verify employee and customer health status, and streamline entry into buildings with secure, multi-factor credentials
  • Automate and streamline entry: Instead of reviewing every proof of vaccination manually, SMART Health Cards enable organizations to automate verification of an individual’s health status

Salesforce has now used different features from Safety Cloud to reopen 84 of its offices globally. It also facilitated more than 21,500 COVID-19 tests and verified more than 8,000 vaccine credentials, helping more than 4,500 attendees get together safely at Dreamforce SF and NYC 2021. Partners Traction on Demand and Accenture are also using the technology.