Employee Experience Key To Winning War For Talent: ServiceNow Canada

There’s a war for talent going on both in Canada and globally, especially in growing fields like technology and artificial intelligence. As global companies look to expand operations in Canada, and home-grown companies experience rapid growth, businesses need to ensure they’re competing in this war both to attract top talent to work for them, and also to encourage their own talent to stay.

A survey conducted by ServiceNow Canada of 500 human resources executives across 12 countries and 20 industries reveals that providing excellent employee experiences, enabled by technology, is becoming the new way to win the never-ending war for talent. Eighty-three per cent of CHROs surveyed say employee experience is important to their organization’s success.

Highlights from the survey, by enterprise service management company ServiceNow, found that:

  • Only 8 per cent of organizations have reached an “advanced” stage of digital transformation in their HR departments. Comparatively, 18 per cent are considered “moderately advanced,” but a vast majority of companies (74%!) are at the “least advanced” level.
  • However, the companies that are advanced in their HR digital transformation are winning the war for talent. They are:
    • More likely to be highly satisfied with employee engagement levels at their company (29% vs. 19% of moderately advanced companies and 12% of least advanced companies);
    • Much more successful at recruiting (97% vs. 80% and 53%) and at retaining top talent (79% vs. 63% and 41%);
    • Reporting lower turnover than their peers (84% vs. 77% and 52%); and
    • More likely to say they have built a workforce to meet future business objectives (79% vs. 50% and 35%).

You can see the survey results here.


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