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ServiceNow & Qualtrics Partner To Help Companies Deliver Next-Generation Experiences

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ServiceNow and Qualtrics today announced a strategic partnership to help companies deliver next-generation employee experiences and customer service, leveraging the combined power of ServiceNow’s digital workflows with Qualtrics’ experience management technology on a single platform. With the new solutions, companies will be able to bring sentiment data from Qualtrics into ServiceNow Customer and IT Workflows to quickly act on customer insights with digital workflows, increasing employee productivity, and enhancing customer loyalty.   

Feedback-driven experiences for a new era of work 

Great experiences drive customer loyalty and powerful employee engagement. Yet organizations still struggle with siloed systems that cannot deliver the modern, digital experiences employees want and customers expect. To address this challenge at scale, ServiceNow and Qualtrics will fuel great experiences and unlock productivity by making feedback actionable in the enterprise.  

With the following new joint solutions, companies will be able to bring experience data from Qualtrics into ServiceNow Agent Workspaces to visualize performance, uncover key drivers of service satisfaction, and easily act on those insights.  

  • Experience Management for IT: Combining Qualtrics EmployeeXM™ for IT with ServiceNow IT Service Management to enable companies to connect their business-critical operational and service delivery data with employee feedback on a company’s internal IT services on a single platform. IT teams will be able to measure the effectiveness of their internal technologies, optimize service management processes, and provide seamless digital experiences as companies permanently shift to a remote or hybrid work model. 
  • Experience-led Customer Service: Bringing together Qualtrics CustomerXM™ with ServiceNow Customer Service Management will give service agents and managers the tools they need to automatically trigger workflows based on feedback, uncover drivers for customer satisfaction, improve cost-to-serve, and increase content effectiveness. 

The new solutions will be available to joint customers through a phased joint product and go-to-market strategy. 

As part of today’s announcement, ServiceNow and Qualtrics will also expand their use of each other’s solutions to unlock productivity across their respective companies.   

Customers can access Qualtrics and ServiceNow workflow integration today. New solutions available starting in the second half of 2021.  

ServiceNow Enhances Vaccine Solution To Help Organizations Vaccinate At Scale

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ServiceNow which is supporting vaccinations for more than 20 million people with the Now Platform and its Vaccine Administration Management solution, today released further product enhancements to its Vaccine Administration Management solution to help organizations quickly meet the “last‑mile” challenges of vaccinating and protecting people at scale. The latest enhancements make it easier for people to schedule vaccination appointments and for providers to manage vaccine inventory.

With the Biden administration directing states to make all U.S. adults eligible for vaccinations by May 1, ServiceNow is committed to leveraging the Now Platform to help states and healthcare providers convert vaccines into vaccinations as quickly as possible. The Now Platform and Vaccine Administration Management solution are being deployed in just days by some providers, using ServiceNow’s workflow technology to rapidly improve vaccine distribution, administration, and monitoring. The NHS National Services Scotland, for example, is using ServiceNow to help quickly vaccinate Scottish citizens.  

Additionally, Children’s Minnesota, one of the largest pediatric health care systems in the U.S., recently went live with ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management in just five days. When Children’s Minnesota expanded its vaccination rollout beyond staff, to patient caregivers and the most vulnerable members of the community, it experienced similar challenges as those faced by other organizations across the country. With its new system, Children’s Minnesota has reduced wait times from three hours in a walk‑in model to 20 minutes with an appointment and successfully vaccinated nearly 1,400 staff members, caregivers and the community in 11 hours.

ServiceNow is helping organizations across healthcare, government, education, and the private sector distribute COVID‑19 vaccines and get people vaccinated quickly, including:

  • The Department of Homeland Security is facilitating vaccinations for its 240,000 employees via ServiceNow for vaccination eligibility checks, communication management, and coordinating mass vaccinations at Veterans Affairs facilities.
  • The University of Central Florida is leveraging ServiceNow to coordinate and schedule first and second dose vaccinations for its faculty and staff.
  • The State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) is relying on ServiceNow’s technology as the foundation for its command center for healthcare providers, clinicians administering the vaccine, and supporting NCDHHS staff to access the latest information related to state vaccine requirements and to get their vaccine‑related questions answered.
  • Outside the U.S., The NHS National Services Scotland is using ServiceNow’s Now Platform as the digital backbone of its program to rapidly roll out the vaccine to protect citizen health in the fight against COVID‑ Over 220,000 vaccination appointments were booked in the first 12 hours of the Now Platform going live.

Introducing more control and visibility for vaccination scheduling

The latest updates to the ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management solution improve the vaccination scheduling process for vaccine recipients, administrators, and clinicians, providing increased visibility into inventory, to help convert all available vaccines into vaccinations.

New capabilities announced today offer increased control and visibility over available vaccine doses to help match vaccine appointments with inventory supply to minimize waste and avoid overbooking appointments. This has been a challenge for many organizations, leading to long wait times and leaving many recipients in line with cancelled appointments. New capabilities include:

  • The ability to schedule and cancel appointments based on vaccine inventory as vaccines are distributed. Organizations can automatically track vaccine inventory in real‑time and open, close, and reschedule appointments based on the number of vaccines they have available.
  • Location‑level configuration capabilities enable organizations managing multiple vaccination sites to specify inventory, available hours, and appointment slots by location.

Additionally, new capabilities announced today give vaccine recipients more control over the scheduling process for a seamless booking experience, including:

  • The ability to select a specific day and time for appointments and independently book second appointments. Previously, users were automatically booked into the first available spot.
  • The ability for contact center agents to book appointments on behalf of recipients.
  • Options for family scheduling will be available soon, allowing families to book appointments together and at the same time, rather than signing up individually with different accounts at varying times.

These updates will support smoother and more efficient experiences for both those receiving and administering vaccinations as more people become eligible and vaccines are made widely available.

Workflowing a healthier future

The recently passed U.S. stimulus package has prioritized helping state and local governments recover from the challenges of COVID‑19 to get people back to work and to restart the economy.

ServiceNow also continues to innovate its previously announced Safe Workplace suite to allow governments and organizations to safely return to work. ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace suite supports all aspects of creating a safe and efficient return to work for governments, campuses, and companies. This now includes Vaccination Status, an app that helps public and private sector companies track the status of vaccinations in the workplace.

With the ServiceNow Vaccination Status app, employees and stakeholders in an organization can easily submit documentation of completed health vaccinations to meet return to workplace requirements, where permissible by law. Organizations can also collect vaccination data to assess when it’s safe to bring employees and stakeholders back to a workplace and provide benefits to employees who received vaccinations, in accordance with their respective policies.

To date, more than 1,000 organizations globally have downloaded the Safe Workplace suite of apps with over 12,000 unique installations.

Availability and additional information

New features are currently available in the ServiceNow Store, and caregiver scheduling options are expected to be available in April.

ServiceNow Introduces New Version of the Now Platform

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ServiceNow today unveiled the Now Platform® Quebec release. This latest version of the Now Platform features expanded native AI capabilities and new low-code app development tools, empowering customers to innovate quickly, realize fast time-to-value, improve productivity and deliver great experiences. With companies radically changing the way they operate and accelerating digital transformation, the Now Platform is enabling the digital speed, agility and resilience every business needs to create the future of work.

Nearly 80% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of organizations worldwide are relying on the Now Platform to help protect revenue, maintain business continuity, stay productive and safe, and deliver great experiences for their customers and employees. As organizations plan for supporting distributed workforces long-term, cross-functional workflows that create great experiences for customers and employees are critical. Digital investments are at an all-time high. According to IDC, worldwide digital transformation investments will total more than $7.8 trillion by 2024.1

Industry leaders, including Nike, Adobe, Deutsche Telekom, Logitech, Medtronic, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and others are using the Now Platform to accelerate their digital transformation programs to deliver innovation, agility and productivity. 

The low-code workflow revolution

ServiceNow today introduced Creator Workflows to join its existing IT, Employee and Customer Workflow portfolios to put the power of automation in the hands of the business, enabling people at every technical skill level to build apps at speed. 

Creator Workflows feature ServiceNow’s low-code development tools, App Engine and IntegrationHub, which allow businesses to transform old, manual processes into modern, digital workflows at scale. With the Now Platform Quebec release, ServiceNow has introduced new products within Creator Workflows that let developers of every skill level build workflow apps fast:

  • App Engine Studio accelerates app development at scale with a fast, intuitive and guided low-code visual development environment that empowers people with no coding experience to collaborate and build applications.
  • App Engine Templates give teams access to pre-built workflow building blocks so that citizen developers can get a head start on building apps without having to start from scratch.

Low-code is becoming a strategic imperative for businesses to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. According to Gartner, “by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”

Several organizations, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the City of Los Angeles,have turned to ServiceNow’s low-code App Engine to build custom end-to-end workflows that ensure these organizations can focus on delivering critical, lifesaving services to patients and citizens at scale during COVID.

With the Now Platform Quebec release, ServiceNow is helping organizations be more agile and adept at new ways of working. Leveraging one unified platform and data model, customers can continually monitor and optimize business processes to proactively identify and avoid bottlenecks and empower employees to work in an increasingly distributed fashion, as returning to the office becomes an option for some organizations. Three additional new workflow solutions include:

  • Process Optimization enables IT and customer service organizations to visually create and improve the underlying processes driving workflows and to proactively identify and avoid process bottlenecks to speed issue resolution.
  • Workforce Optimization provides a workspace for IT and customer service managers that helps organizations optimize productivity. The workspace monitors real-time agent productivity, workload and KPIs across multiple channels, resulting in improved customer experiences. 
  • Engagement Messenger extends self-service to 3rd party portals to enable AI search, Knowledge Management, Case and Virtual Agent interactions, which result in increased case deflection and improved customer satisfaction. 

Machine learning and native AI solutions for digital resiliency and business productivity

The Now Platform Quebec release allows organizations to enhance productivity with powerful, new, native AI capabilities. In addition to the need to innovate fast and deploy quickly at scale, customers need to deliver enterprise-wide, consumer grade digital tools that enhance productivity for more distributed workforces. New capabilities to enhance productivity include:

  • ITOM Predictive AIOps predicts issues before they become problems and helps organizations automate resolutions.
  • Virtual Agent enhancements accelerate time to value with guided setup and topic recommendations and speed incident resolution with end-to-end AI-powered conversational experiences.
  • AI Search delivers a consumer-grade search experience for employees and customers, giving people the personalized, relevant, and actionable information they need right from their search window in service portals, on mobile, and Virtual Agent.

These new capabilities represent the AI functionality acquired with Loom Systems and Attivio, which have been incorporated in the Quebec release. The Now Platform Quebec release keeps work flowing with advanced AIOps capabilities and gives customers deeper insights into their digital operations to minimize and fix incidents before they become issues, delivering consumer-grade AI-driven experiences that harness personalized insights to help organizations work smarter and faster.

Great employee experiences for the new world of work 

ServiceNow continues to create great employee experiences by helping employees find answers to questions and fulfilling employee requests across the enterprise – from HR and IT to legal and facilities. In addition to providing consumer-grade search experiences with AI search, ServiceNow announced new innovations to help organizations boost employee engagement across the enterprise, includingUniversal RequestUniversal Request enables agents to collaborate and transfer tickets across departments while keeping employees informed of the status of their ticket so that employees can stay focused on their work without being concerned where the request is supposed to go. 

The Now Platform Quebec release is generally available today. 

ServiceNow Helps Solve Challenges to Quickly Vaccinate People Against COVID-19

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ServiceNow today announced new workflow solutions to help organizations get people vaccinated quickly. These solutions address vaccine management challenges at scale by removing logistical barriers to speed up the immunization process. The State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and NHS Scotland are among the more than 100 organizations currently working with ServiceNow on their vaccine management efforts.

Despite heroic scientific achievements in developing the COVID-19 vaccine, organizations are trapped in the “last mile” of vaccine management as they lack the processes and infrastructure needed to vaccinate people quickly. The characteristics of the vaccine – limited supply, precise storage conditions, and two-part injection requirements – make its urgent distribution a complex workflow problem.

ServiceNow’s Vaccine Administration Management solution supports President Biden’s goal to deliver 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days in office, with immediate actions under way by the Biden-Harris administration to “convert vaccines into vaccinations.” For example, in addition to already helping the State of North Carolina, ServiceNow also is working with NHS Scotland, which has developed custom workflow solutions on the Now Platform to support their goal of vaccinating 5.5 million citizens within three months.

Introducing new vaccine management solutions

Disconnected, manual, legacy systems are among the biggest challenges to getting the world vaccinated. To address these problems, organizations are using ServiceNow’s Now Platform as their vaccine management command center. Available today, ServiceNow’s new Vaccine Administration Management solution gives organizations out-of-the box capabilities that allow people to access critical vaccine information, schedule appointments, and receive appointment notifications from vaccine providers.

Vaccine Administration Management is built on ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) and delivers a modern, self-service experience across desktop and mobile devices. The solution connects patient communication with vaccine inventory systems so organizations can easily notify patients when more vaccines are available, schedule appointments, and send reminders.

The State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) is relying on ServiceNow’s technology as the foundation for its “command center” for healthcare providers, clinicians administering the vaccine, and supporting NCDHHS staff to access the latest information related to state vaccine requirements and to get their vaccine-related questions answered.

Accelerating the last mile of vaccine management

As millions of people seek vaccinations, organizations are reliant on legacy systems and processes that are not optimized to support massive spikes in usage.  Meanwhile, organizations do not have established processes in place to offer self-service capabilities and proactively schedule appointments that follow the requirements for effectively administering the vaccine.

Using ServiceNow as their vaccine management command center, organizations can connect all of their data and make work flow across their siloed legacy systems, including scheduling, prioritization, and communication. ServiceNow’s digital workflows connect an organizations’ existing technology infrastructure and provide a dashboard to orchestrate the critical elements of the vaccine management process including:

  • Distributing vaccines: Track vaccine delivery, manage inventory, and monitor stock levels to support population prioritization.
  • Administering vaccines: Schedule vaccine administrators and support staff, track personal protective equipment (PPE), monitor no-shows, and capture feedback. People can communicate with their vaccine provider on the channel of their choice.
  • Monitoring vaccine outcomes: Monitor recipient safety, report adverse events, and support safe return to workplace efforts and ongoing public health monitoring.

Workflowing a healthier future

ServiceNow’s vaccine management solutions are a part of the company’s broader innovation effort to support customers and organizations as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. ServiceNow’s Emergency Response Apps help organizations navigate COVID-19 crisis management and have been downloaded by more than 1,800 customers worldwide. ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace suitehelps organizations gauge workforce and workplace readiness as they look to safely return employees to the workplace in the new normal. The Safe Workplace suite of apps continue to be innovated bi-monthly; to date, more than 900 organizations globally have downloaded the apps with close to 10,000 unique installations.

The company will introduce additional solutions to support organizations’ last mile vaccination efforts in the coming weeks.

Availability and more information

Vaccine Administration Management is available today on the ServiceNow Store for organizations to begin coordinating vaccination appointments. The company will introduce additional solutions to support organizations’ last mile vaccination efforts in the coming weeks.

Additional resources:

ServiceNow & Workplace From Facebook Expand Integrations To Improve The Employee Experience

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ServiceNow and Workplace from Facebook today announced new integrations designed to create great experiences for the growing distributed workforce. Together, ServiceNow and Workplace from Facebook will help make work, work better for people by enabling organizations to streamline communication between executives, departmental leaders, and employees to create more meaningful, employee‑first experiences.

The new capabilities enhance an existing ServiceNow Virtual Agent integration. With Virtual Agent, employees can request support, receive updates on in‑progress requests, and connect with live agents when needed—all without leaving Workplace. Enhanced capabilities include:

  • ServiceNow Employee Campaigns integrated with Workplace from Facebook: Companies can now distribute relevant content to employees directly through their Workplace experience, as well as other channels, making it easier for employees to stay informed, engaged, and productive from anywhere and across any device.
  • Workplace from Facebook Integration Spoke: Available as an IntegrationHub Spoke, customers can quickly create new integrations for Workplace from Facebook to meet their unique and evolving employee experience needs.

ServiceNow and Workplace already work with some of the biggest and most respected companies around the world. Together, the companies serve customers across all industries, including Sun Life Financial, Telenor Group and Petco.

study by MIT shows that companies delivering on employee experience can double customer satisfaction and increase profitability by 25%. For employees ‑ both those in desk‑based roles and on the frontlines ‑ IT tools must be consumer‑grade: easy to use, integrated, and omnichannel.

The pandemic has proven that proper communications to employees must be a coordinated effort between all departments. IT, HR and workplace services leaders can no longer work in silos and must invest in integrated technology to foster an inclusive, connected, and more productive organization.

For more information about the Virtual Agent integration, the Workplace from Facebook Integration Spoke, and ServiceNow Employee Campaigns, click here.

ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Now Being Used By The Toronto District School Board

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Serving families in Canada’s largest metropolitan community where parents expect the best tools for managing COVID-19 will be used, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) knew it needed to use technology to help students return to school safely.

Having already implemented ServiceNow’s ITSM capabilities back in 2017, the TDSB turned to ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace app suite to manage a safe return to school – making it the only school district in Ontario to use public-facing apps to manage its response to COVID-19.

  • The Readiness Surveys app gathered real-time data on student preparedness to return to school, revealing that 27 per cent required accommodations to begin their studies – more than double what they had anticipated. 
  • By working with Toronto Public Health, the TDSB was able to optimize ServiceNow’s Health Screening app to meet provincial requirements and streamline the process for ensuring students and their families complete the necessary health checks before returning to school on a daily basis.
  • Intelligent chat features enabled parents to reach out with questions, and this information was connected to the ServiceNow platform so it could be routed to service desk agents when necessary.
  • Leveraging the power of ServiceNow’s Now Platform, all data collected by these apps are organized into a single view in the Safe Workplace Dashboard. This enables the TDSB to communicate with students and parents quickly and easily, while helping school staff to manage the logistics of ensuring students are safe while learning on site and at home.

Today, all of the TDSB’s 500+ schools are open and more than 50,000 students and families are using the apps every day.

Accenture and ServiceNow Launch Dedicated Business Group To Help Organizations Transform Work

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Accenture and ServiceNow have formed a new business group to help private and public sector clients accelerate their digital transformation and better address today’s dynamic operational challenges. The Accenture ServiceNow Business Group represents a significant multi-million dollar investment from both companies over the next five years.

In the COVID-19 era, organizations are under more pressure than ever to innovate faster, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and meet their customers’ needs. The Accenture ServiceNow Business Group will help organizations rapidly evolve organizational processes and unlock the full value of technology investments by adopting digital workflows that deliver modern, personalized customer and employee experiences. This includes empowering employees and customers with self-service and remote work programs that offer increased flexibility, mobility, and choice. By establishing a more modern workplace with platform-driven, technology-enabled workflows, organizations are better positioned to balance business needs, satisfy customer demands, drive employee engagement, deliver productivity expectations, and realize workplace cost optimization.

The Accenture ServiceNow Business Group will deliver industry- and domain-specific solutions and services to customers. Together, Accenture and ServiceNow will initially help accelerate digital transformation programs for customers in telecommunications, financial services, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and life sciences. Workflow innovation will focus on employee engagement, customer service and operations, artificial intelligence for IT operations, and security and risk. Additional industry solutions will be developed in the future.

Supported by approximately 8,500 Accenture people skilled in ServiceNow, the new group brings together dedicated professionals from both organizations with expertise in transformational workflow and platform development, marketing, sales, and business development across numerous priority industries. The business group will develop advanced industry and domain-focused solutions designed to deliver tangible, positive outcomes for clients at scale.

For example, Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading, research-driven pharmaceutical company with more than 51,000 employees and an Accenture and ServiceNow customer, uses ServiceNow’s technology and Accenture services to create a seamless, consumer-grade experience for global employees and customers.

Accenture and ServiceNow also collaborate to serve government entities. Earlier this year, Accenture Federal Services (AFS) announced a $96 million task order to help the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) modernize its enterprise service management and IT capabilities, using ServiceNow to power the digital transformations end-to-end. Using the Now Platform, AFS will work with the VA to automate its manual workflows and introduce applied intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, allowing the VA workforce to focus on more complex tasks that serve veterans.

Accenture’s use of ServiceNow is a strategic enabler of customer-facing innovation at scale and, as a ServiceNow customer, the company uses ServiceNow workflows for employee engagement, invoice processing, asset management, artificial intelligence for IT operations, and its universal service desk. Accenture recently made the Now Mobile app available to its more than 500,000 people.

As a ServiceNow Global Elite Partner, Accenture is one of ServiceNow’s largest global go-to-market partners and winner of its Global Partner of the Year award in 2020. For more information on the Accenture ServiceNow Business Group, visit:

ServiceNow Partners w/ IBM To Automate IT & Releases New IoT Solution & COVID Testing App

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The stakes have never been higher for enterprises – in order to survive, it’s crucial for them to enhance employee productivity, get full visibility into their operational footprint, and respond to incidents and issues in real-time.

ServiceNow and IBM today announced a strategic partnership to help enterprises around the globe automate IT. The partnership includes a first-of-its-kind joint IT solution – combining IBM’s Watson AIOps with ServiceNow’s IT Service Management and IT Operations Management Visibility – that equips companies with the tools they need to drive greater efficiency, reduce risk, and lower costs in IT across their organizations.

The company also released new products to help businesses and employees manage work in the wake of COVID-19 and sustain business continuity, including:

  • Launching Connected Operations, a powerful new solution that bridges IoT data with ServiceNow digital workflows so enterprises can monitor and manage critical infrastructure, break down data siloes, and pursue new business models (like goods-as-a-service). You can find more informationhere.
  • Updates to the ServiceNow Safe Workplace app suite, including a new Health and Safety Testing app to streamline the process for requesting and receiving test results from employees. You can find more information on today’s release – including a new Safe Workplace Experience for Now Mobile and enhanced contact tracing capabilities with Zebra Technologies’ MotionWorks Proximity solution – here.

ServiceNow Delivers New Native Workflows In Microsoft Teams To Create The Future Of Work

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At Microsoft Ignite 2020, ServiceNow introduced new workflows embedded in Microsoft Teams to improve employee productivity with seamless self-service and faster case resolution. Powered by the Now Platform, the new capabilities also improve agent productivity by enabling them to more effectively collaborate and complete key tasks in Microsoft Teams. 

Teams is Microsoft’s fastest-growing business app ever. That was true in 2018, long before lockdowns started driving up numbers for remote work and learning. As of April 29, Microsoft Teams had 75 million daily active users, up 70% from just six weeks prior. That month, Microsoft saw more than 200 million meeting participants in a single day, generating more than 4.1 billion meeting minutes. 

The new capabilities announced today include: 

  • Employee experiences in Microsoft Teams: Companies want to provide employees with support for whatever tools and devices they choose to use. By embedding ServiceNow natively within Teams, employees can submit requests, receive updates on in-progress requests, take action on notifications, chat with virtual agents for automated assistance, and connect with live agents when virtual agents cannot assist – all without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. 
  • Agent capabilities in Microsoft Teams: Agents spend most of their time in ServiceNow IT Service Management but want to more easily leverage the collaboration functionality in Teams to communicate with employees and collaborate with other agents. Now, agents can use Notify to launch the Teams client to engage with peers directly, push major incident updates to business stakeholders, and open direct chats with employees from an incident or request.  When used with the new Teams Meeting Extensibility feature, ServiceNow workflows enable agents to be more productive by resolving major incidents directly from within a Microsoft Teams meeting.  

The new capabilities are available for select customers as part of the Beta program today.  

Today’s updates come on the heels of the ServiceNow Now Platform Paris release, which features several high-demand Microsoft integrations to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Customers can use these integrations to: 

  • Optimize hybrid cloud spending and usage with Microsoft Azure support for ServiceNow Cloud Insights,
  • Streamline new hire onboarding with ServiceNow employee experiences and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and
  • Gain greater control and visibility into organizational assets with ServiceNow Software Asset Management and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Additionally, the ServiceNow Virtual Agent Lite plugin for Microsoft Teams, also released in Paris, offers a limited version of Virtual Agent for IT Service Management standard customers. It launched with three prebuilt conversations for common IT support requests. These keyword-based conversations run in the web chat client and in a virtual agent messaging integration with Microsoft Teams.  

Today’s announcement furthers the companies’ partnership announcement from 2019 to accelerate digital transformation for joint customers. Customers are accessing the value of this partnership with more than 25 joint solutions available between Microsoft and ServiceNow today. The companies have committed to continued ServiceNow-Teams innovation to enable richer employee experiences from anywhere, at scale.


ServiceNow Partners with Cisco to Enhance Contact Tracing Capabilities

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ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people, today announced a new integration with Cisco DNA Spaces to enhance contact tracing with its Wi-Fi-enabled Proximity Reporting app. This integration will help businesses returning employees to the workplace by monitoring their workspaces closely for physical distancing. The company also added new capabilities to its ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite,making travel for business safer and more manageable.

The integration with Cisco DNA Spaces will allow joint customers of ServiceNow and Cisco to seamlessly import location-based data into the ServiceNow Contact Tracing app and identify potential interactions with an affected employee. Proximity Reporting from Cisco DNA Spaces allows customers to better understand the extent of each interaction and potential exposure to floors and buildings across the workplace. This is based on employees’ Wi-Fi network connections to laptops or mobile devices, so case managers can take immediate and informed actions. The new integrated solution will help to reduce workplace transmission of infectious diseases, like COVID-19, by identifying on-site employees who might have been in contact with an affected employee.

New Employee Travel Safety App

ServiceNow also introduced the new Employee Travel Safety app as part of its Safe Workplace suite. Available immediately, the app enables organizations to pre-authorize business travel for employees based on the safety of their destination. Automatic health verification before and during travel and daily contact tracing check-ins help ensure company safety guidelines are followed to help make travel safer.

The ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite has been downloaded by more than 700 organizations, including Bremer Bank, American University, Coca Cola European Partners, and State of North Carolina, and ServiceNow will continue plans of new releases twice a month to support customers’ evolving needs, given the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.