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ServiceNow Announces New Platform Tokyo Release

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ServiceNow the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, today announced the Now Platform Tokyo release, designed to help organizations navigate complex business challenges amid an uncertain macro environment. The ServiceNow Tokyo release is purpose-built to deliver better employee and customer experiences, supercharge automation and trust in operations, and accelerate value in ways that are good for people, good for the planet, and good for profits.   

According to the 2022 IDC CEO Survey, 95% of CEOs see the need to adopt a digital-first strategy and the majority of organizations are down the path of executing their plans.  The rationale for this focus is clear: Digital companies deliver twice the revenue growth of non-digital companies, according to Valoir Research. The new digital-first, fully integrated workflow automation solutions in the Tokyo release increase the power of the Now Platform to create seamless experiences, continuously generate new value by accelerating innovation at scale, and allow people to do their best work.  

Accelerating value with purpose-built solutions 

With today’s complex compliance and risk management landscape, customers have asked ServiceNow for solutions that make them more agile and resilient across their enterprise. ServiceNow is responding with new, purpose-built features in the Tokyo release that unlock more value from tech investments for CFOs, COOs, and sustainability teams—simplifying complex supply chains, automating asset management, and delivering auditable, investor-grade sustainability data. 

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) automates the full lifecycle of physical business assets from planning to retirement for industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and public sector. The solution helps reduce costs, mitigate risks, and improve strategic planning with visibility into the entire enterprise asset estate. Additionally, it optimizes inventory levels for the business and operates stockrooms efficiently to better leverage existing assets and maximize asset life.  
  • Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) empowers organizations to transform traditionally high-effort supplier engagements that live in email and spreadsheets into modern, digital experiences, enabling teams to reduce operating costs and refocus talent on building a more resilient, diverse, and high-quality supply base. With SLM, suppliers leverage self-service experiences to get help, deflecting common inquiries into the respective teams.  
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Management has been enhanced to allow companies to establish and document ESG goals and KPIs, track performance, collect and validate audit-ready data, and create disclosures that align with major ESG reporting frameworks, in a single end-to-end solution. Key capabilities include carbon accounting to calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and an innovative user experience that helps companies efficiently meet increasing requests for ESG data. ServiceNow is collaborating with DXC Technology, Emissionsbox, Fujitsu, KPMG, LTI, Mindtree, NTT DATA Corporation and RSM US LLP, to extend ESG Management’s reach and capabilities into the market.   

Boosting engagement and productivity with great experiences 

Now more than ever, employee retention is critical. Engaged, productive, and empowered employees contribute heavily to customer and business success. The Tokyo release helps organizations prioritize their most valuable resource—people—with new tools that advance talent development and retention, and therefore benefit the overall business: 

  • Manager Hub addresses managers’ greatest pain points—like burnout and intensifying pressure to keep employees happy and engaged across dispersed teams. Available through Employee Center desktop and mobile, Manager Hub provides a single destination for managers to establish and review employee journeys and respond to requests while delivering personalized resources and training to help managers grow as leaders.  
  • Admin Center—part of ServiceNow Impact—allows system administrators to easily discover, install, and configure ServiceNow solutions through a self-service experience. The new Adoption Blueprint features a guided process that gives admins application recommendations based on instance maturity, increased visibility into application entitlements, and simpler application installation and configuration—all from within their in-instance application.   
  • Issue Auto Resolution for Human Resources expands the capabilities of Issue Auto Resolution for ITSM to HR teams. The solution applies natural language understanding (NLU) to analyze requests and deliver self-service content that meets employees where they are through channels like Microsoft Teams, SMS, and email. It also identifies urgent HR cases and routes them directly to an employee care representative when a higher level of support is needed. 

Supercharging Intelligence and trust for operations and security 

According to Gartner®, software infrastructure spending in segments containing PaaS, cloud management, and security is forecast to grow at a double-digit rate, reaching a combined spend of over $120 billion by 2026. At the same time, protecting data and mission-critical applications has become more complex amid an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. ServiceNow is raising the bar for data security and intelligence with new capabilities that strengthen security deployments across an entire organization.  

  • ServiceNow Vault protects business critical ServiceNow applications using a set of premium platform privacy and security controls. Using flexible key management and data clarification to drive data anonymization, Vault enables organizations to protect sensitive confidential data and increase regulatory compliance through native platform encryption. Vault also enables organizations to strengthen their platform security posture by simplifying the management and protection of machine credentials, as well as validating the authenticity and integrity of code being deployed to the MID Server helping to ensure no malicious insertion. Finally, Vault facilitates organizations to export their ServiceNow system and application logs at scale and in near real time as a service. 

Organizations such as Blackhawk Network, DNB Bank, First Solar, Fruit of the Loom, Orange Business Services, and University of California Irvine are already realizing the benefits of the ServiceNow platform. 


The Now Platform Tokyo release is generally available today.  

ServiceNow Launches New Solutions To Advance Digital Business And Drive Innovation At Scale

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 At Knowledge ’22 today, ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, introduced three new solutions built on the Now Platform to help enterprises advance their digital transformation efforts. Service Operations WorkspaceApp Engine Management Center and Public Sector Digital Services work across organizations and within the public sector to digitize complex processes and accelerate productivity.

  • Service Operations Workspace gives service desk agents and operations teams a single place to manage work, collaborate, and have shared visibility into issues. It includes a unified user experience for agents and operations teams to work on the same problem at the same time and solve issues faster. This helps reduce downtime, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity across multiple groups.
  • App Engine Management Center (AEMC) unleashes co‑innovation between business and IT with low‑code app development governance.As the number of citizen developers creating low‑code solutions grows, the role of IT must evolve to empower co‑innovation at scale while maintaining governance protocols. AEMC is a turnkey low‑code governance solution to successfully scale and safeguard app development across an organization with App Engine. Platform admins can set guardrails, apply standards, enable co‑innovation between business and IT, and check for compliance in a single place without any friction.

Additionally, AEMC helps centrally manage all aspects of low‑code app dev, from app intake to collaboration requests, to pipeline monitoring and deployment tasks. ServiceNow has also published a new Citizen Development Center of Excellence (CoE) website, making it easy for customers and prospects to find the content they need to build a successful citizen development program with App Engine.

  • Public Sector Digital Services provides governments with a digital foundation to deliver consumer‑grade experiences from request to resolution. For many people, requesting standard government services often requires visiting a local office, filling out paper forms, and submitting additional documentation, with poor visibility into the status of these requests. Within governments, fulfilling these requests can be slow and require personnel to navigate multiple aging systems and manual processes. Public Sector Digital Services provides out‑of‑the‑box public sector data models and workflows to help governments speed innovation, deliver better experiences, and resolve requests faster. Constituents benefit from increased convenience­­, transparency, and responsiveness.

The three new innovations were announced in tandem with Knowledge 2022, ServiceNow’s annual event providing networking, roundtable discussions, demos and more centered around the latest power, predictability and flexibility of the Now Platform.

Availability and Additional Information

  • App Engine Management Center and Public Sector Digital Services are now available on the ServiceNow Store for current ServiceNow customers using the prior family release platform (San Diego or Rome).
  • Service Operations Workspace (with ITOM) is expected to be GA in June 2022 on the ServiceNow Store.

The Great Re-Evaluation – High Salaries Are Not Enough To Mitigate Frustrating Work: ServiceNow

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In the new world of work in Canada, the job perks that office employees once valued have changed, according to a new survey from digital workflow leader ServiceNow. Traditional, pre-COVID workplace policies and compensation are not enough to attract and retain talent, forcing employers to quickly reassess the employee experience within their companies.

Results from the ServiceNow New World of Work Study, which surveyed 1,501 Canadian office workers, revealed in the bid for talent, high salaries are not enough to mitigate frustrating work, as nearly 3 in 4 (71%) said they would never take a job that is frustrating or unrewarding – even if the pay was higher.

The barriers to meaningful work and a positive employee experience

In a time where people are re-evaluating what matters in their jobs, there is a rise in Canadian office employees who need the majority of their work to be meaningful (88%, up 7 percentage points compared to 2019). However, it’s a challenge to make this a reality, as office workers are spending nearly a third of their time (30%) each week on menial tasks. That’s equal to 12 hours of work – or one-and-a-half workdays per week. 

Adding to this, the pandemic has created many challenges that continue to be a problem two years later. These have translated into the top reasons Canadian office workers would consider leaving their job, including:

  • Increased burnout (32%);
  • Increased work hours (28%);
  • Difficulty unplugging (27%); and
  • Challenges communicating with colleagues (24%).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seen as a potential solution for reducing routine tasks and stress

With the increase in technology spending among enterprises over the pandemic, McKinsey found that looking ahead, top economic performers are planning to double-down on tech as a differentiator. Canadian office employees agree as two in three (67%) want their employers to invest more in advanced technologies like AI that will enable staff to get menial tasks done more efficiently, leaving more time for meaningful work.

Canadian office employees feel that the benefits of artificial intelligence in the workplace include its potential to reduce stress (46%), free up time (33%) and reduce burnout (23%). In 2022, AI is no longer abstract – it’s mainstream – and it’s a powerful technique to get to an outcome that makes an employee’s work faster, easier and more accurate. Eight in 10 Canadian office workers (82%) see automation as the most beneficial application of AI at work, including applications like IT services, computer back-ups, analytics and reporting, routine tasks, and spreadsheet-based processes.

More details about the survey findings can be found here.

Survey Methodology

The 12-minute online survey was facilitated by Asking Canadians. The study was in field between January 10 and 18, 2022, and surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,501 English and French-Canadian office workers. To qualify for the survey, respondents must have been currently working at an office or remotely at companies with 500+ employees.

The precision of Asking Canadians online polls is measured using a credibility interval. In this case, the poll is accurate to within +/- 3.19 margin of error at a 95% confidence level. The credibility interval will be wider among subsets of the population. All sample surveys and polls may be subject to other sources of error, including, but not limited to coverage error, and measurement errors that may be off by +/- 1%.

ServiceNow Announces New “San Diego” Platform Release

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Today, ServiceNow launched its Now Platform San Diego release, focused on helping organizations realize the untapped potential of digital transformation across their entire business and move beyond pandemic-induced transformation – driving productivity, scaling automation through the enterprise, and creating better experiences for a new world of work. New solutions include:

Automation Engine: 

  • A complete automation and integration solution that combines Integration Hub with all-new Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities built on the Intellibot acquisition, delivering 3X faster time to value.
  • Together with ServiceNow’s native low-code app development product, App Engine, Automation Engine gives organizations a single platform for hyperautomation, allowing any employee to automate manual, repetitive actions and connect to any system, modern or legacy.
  • Automation Engine features the brand-new RPA Hub, which provides a centralized command and control center to monitor, manage, and deploy digital robots, with 1300+ out-of-the-box components.

Next Experience:

  • With the Now Platform San Diego release, ServiceNow is streamlining the experience for the 70M+ platform users who use ServiceNow every day to get their work done, with the release of the Next Experience.
  • Next Experience includes more than 25 purpose-built workspaces that feature a next-generation visual design, surface insights with dashboards, and use machine learning to assign tasks and recommend the next best action. 
  • These include new CSM Configurable WorkspaceDispatcher Workspace for Field Service Management so field service and customer service teams can more intelligently and efficiently respond to requests or issues.

New Customer Experience solutions:

  • ServiceNow is helping businesses harness the power of the whole company to serve the customer with new features designed to give customers and agents visibility into the complete order lifecycle and increase efficiencies.

Out-of-the-box industry solutions: 

  • ServiceNow San Diego release also includes vertical solutions that address the distinct digital, customer experience needs of banks, insurance companies, and technology providers. This includes the release of its first solutions created specifically for the demands of insurance carriers to help them simplify policy servicing for customers. More info is included within the press release.

For more information about the innovations in the Now Platform San Diego release visit here.

ServiceNow Announces New Solutions For Managing Return To Workplaces

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Amid the recent surge in COVID-19 cases across the globe, many companies are postponing their return-to-workplace plans once again. Instead, they’re bracing for a new era of hybrid work that requires agility and flexibility. 

In this new era of work, organizations need solutions that enable them to adapt to the rapidly changing environment while prioritizing employee experiences and safety.

Today, ServiceNow is proud to announce updates to their Workplace Service Delivery solution that enable further flexibility and safety to support the future of hybrid work. The updates are: 

  • Streamlining the on-site reservation process
  • Power booking for cross-office events and meetings
  • Make it easy to book desks and spaces nearby team members for better collaboration
  • Help employees navigate the office with ease

ServiceNow is continuing to deliver innovation in our Workplace Service Delivery solution with their Safe Workplace Suite, including a recent integration with The Commons Project’s SMART® Health Card Verifier API to simplify the validation of vaccine record submissions within the Vaccination Status application.

For more information, check out this blog post by Blake McConnell, SVP, Employee Workflow Products at ServiceNow.

ServiceNow acquires DotWalk

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ServiceNow today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Solana Beach, CA-based DotWalk to help customers keep pace with technology maintenance by automating software application testing and achieving quick, seamless upgrades.

DotWalk’s system uses AI-powered regression testing to map business processes and create automated tests, enabling customers to validate application changes without having to rely on costly and scarce developer resources to write their own tests.

Running natively on ServiceNow’s automated test framework, DotWalk’s ability to take the upfront costs out of transitioning from manual to automated application testing will ultimately help ServiceNow customers absorb innovation and drive business value. 

ServiceNow completed the acquisition of DotWalk last week.

ServiceNow Launches New Messaging Service Using Twilio Tech

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ServiceNow today announced ServiceNow Messaging Service to help organizations drive better service experiences from issue to resolution.  

Leveraging the Twilio platform, ServiceNow Messaging Service allows organizations to purchase SMS and WhatsApp directly from ServiceNow, making it easier to quickly integrate popular messaging platforms with ServiceNow workflows. This gives organizations another channel to engage with customers and employees, regardless of their location, and help quickly solve customer requests for a more seamless end‑to‑end experience.

As the global economy expands at its strongest post‑recession pace in 80 years, organizations must adapt to deliver compelling customer and employee experiences in any environment to thrive in a new economy and a hybrid world of work. According to Gartner®, “by 2025, 80% of customer service organizations will have abandoned native mobile apps in favor of messaging for a better customer experience.”1

ServiceNow Messaging Service helps organizations meet heightened customer expectations, enabling transparent, two‑way conversations between businesses and customers. Customers can find answers, get help, and request services through popular messaging services, and businesses can resolve issues fast, leveraging the power of the Now Platform to unite the front, middle and back office with digital workflows, break down silos and automate processes across teams. ServiceNow Messaging Service also helps organizations respond to employees wherever they are, allowing them to get help and request services across departments – including IT and HR – via WhatsApp and SMS.

ServiceNow Messaging Service is an expansion of Twilio and ServiceNow’s ongoing and evolving partnership. The companies have worked together since 2019 to make messaging a core part of how businesses interact with their key stakeholders.

The announcement comes on the heels of ServiceNow’s Rome Platform Release, which includes critical Customer Workflow and Employee Workflow innovations to help companies deliver great end‑to‑end customer service experiences from anywhere, improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and scale automation across the enterprise. Rome updates include Conversation Autopilot, which allows an agent to transfer a chat to a virtual agent for repetitive tasks, Customer Service Playbooks: Focused layout, a new feature that pairs agents with a virtual coach to guide them through each step of a customer service request, and Rich Messaging, which elevates tasks such as appointment booking that require more than simple text to deliver a great customer experience. Also announced in Rome is Employee Center, a single, connected portal for employees to find personalized information, complete tasks, get help across departments.

Availability and additional information

Source: Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Predicts 80% of Customer Service Organizations Will Abandon Native Mobile Apps in Favor of Messaging by 2025, January 12, 2021.

ServiceNow And Mila Partner To Accelerate AI Innovation

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Today, ServiceNow and Mila announced a new, world-class partnership in a joint effort to accelerate fundamental and applied research while powering the world’s most intelligent digital business platform.

Following its previous acquisition of Element AI in January 2021, ServiceNow is continuing to strengthen its commitment to help drive the new world of work forward. Through creating an AI Innovation Hub in Canada along with partnering with Mila and the broader Montreal community, ServiceNow is working to grow its presence within the Canadian market, striving to demonstrate its ongoing leadership in AI research, talent and innovation across a global scale.

Bridging the demands of the industry with support for academia, the collaboration between ServiceNow and Mila will create tremendous opportunity to use the ServiceNow platform to contextualize robust end-user requests, helping AI researchers and developers to solve Enterprise AI’s last mile problem.

ServiceNow Releases New ESG Solution

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ServiceNow today announced a new, integrated ESG solution powered by the Now Platform that helps companies activate ESG strategies, programs, and initiatives – from enhancing diversity and inclusion and reducing carbon emissions to enabling business resilience – across the enterprise. ServiceNow’s ESG solution combines the power of the Now Platform, new and existing products, and ServiceNow’s partner ecosystem to help organizations plan, manage, govern, and report on their ESG programs and initiatives to drive greater environmental, social, and business impact.

Companies are increasingly prioritizing ESG initiatives to help contribute to a more sustainable, equitable, and ethical world, build customer and stakeholder trust, and deliver successful business outcomes. According to recent studies, 88% of investors agree companies that prioritize ESG initiatives represent better opportunities for long‑term returns than companies that do not, and global consumers are nearly five times more likely to trust, buy, champion, and protect companies with a strong ESG purpose.

Today’s ESG efforts are often ad hoc, siloed, and manual. The technology products currently available support discrete, disconnected ESG efforts, compounding the problem. At the same time, global ESG regulations continue to rapidly evolve: more than 170 ESG proposed regulatory measures have emerged since 2018, and 82 percent of investors believe companies are not prepared to comply with ESG reporting regulations. Companies must be able to connect their disparate ESG products and operational systems and support new and existing proposed regulatory requirements to scale their ESG efforts, meet their ESG goals, and support increasing stakeholder expectations for greater levels of transparency and disclosure. ServiceNow’s ESG solution, leveraging the single data model and single architecture of the Now Platform, helps companies accomplish these objectives.

With its latest integrated ESG solution, ServiceNow is taking a holistic approach to help organizations drive impact and build greater customer, investor, and employee trust. Organizations can convert ESG goals into meaningful impact and create long‑term value by innovating processes and delivering sustainable outcomes.

Delivering a unified solution for activating ESG across the enterprise

Harnessing the power of the Now Platform, ServiceNow’s new ESG solution serves as an operational control tower to help convert companies’ ESG goals into reality by providing visibility and transparency across their ESG programs and initiatives and helping them strategize, manage, govern, and report on these efforts on a single platform Key components of ServiceNow’s integrated solution include: 

  • *NEW* ServiceNow ESG Management and Reporting enables companies to document material topics, establish goals and KPIs, track performance, collect and validate audit‑ready data, and create disclosures that align with major ESG reporting frameworks.
  • ServiceNow Project and Portfolio Management helps build and maintain a company’s ESG roadmap, including strategy, planning, and budgeting tools plus ongoing tracking of costs, resources, and results. Companies gain visibility into their ESG investments and improve the scale and impact of their ESG efforts.
  • ServiceNow Integrated Risk Management provides core governance capabilities plus advanced risk assessments, continuous monitoring, AI, audits, privacy, automation, and more. It integrates ESG considerations and data into effective enterprise‑wide risk and compliance management with a real‑time view of ESG compliance and risk as well as rich analytics that improve decision making and business performance.

These products work seamlessly with ServiceNow’s low‑code tools and solutions such as Business Continuity ManagementVendor Risk ManagementSecurity Operations,  Hardware Asset Management, and HR Service Delivery to generate even greater enterprise‑wide ESG value and impact.     

Collaborating with the ServiceNow ecosystem to solve new and existing ESG challenges 

ServiceNow’s ecosystem of partners, developers, customers, and other third parties will serve as a force multiplier for the ServiceNow ESG solution. Today ServiceNow also announced an expanded alliance with KPMG, where KPMG will serve as the lead launch partner for ServiceNow’s ESG solution. Both companies will work closely together to activate ESG across the enterprise for their joint customers, while also building new ESG workflows on the Now Platform to further extend the solution’s capabilities. 

Through its Developer Program, ServiceNow is also mobilizing ISVs, as well as other third parties and customers, to create specialized ESG workflows that serve the unique requirements of various industries and geographies, address specific material issues, and extend ESG initiatives beyond the enterprise to the supply chain. For example:

  • EcoVadis delivers a sustainability ratings platform to assess environmental, social, and ethical practices. By integrating EcoVadis with the ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management product, we can help customers consider third parties’ sustainability performance along with other types of risks – providing a comprehensive view of third‑party risk.
  • Watershed enables companies to measure, reduce, remove, and report their carbon emissions. Leading companies—including ServiceNow, Airbnb, DoorDash, Stripe, Shopify, and sweetgreen—are using Watershed on their path to get to zero carbon. By integrating with ServiceNow ESG Management and Reporting, companies can integrate their climate work into their overall ESG program, importing carbon metrics from Watershed into ServiceNow.
  • Reporting Standards Bodies are engaged with ServiceNow to integrate their standards into the ESG Management and Reporting product. For example, ServiceNow has already licensed the Value Reporting Foundation’s SASB Standards. And ServiceNow is currently in the process of requesting authorization to use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards content in its ESG Management and Reporting solution before the end of the year. These product capabilities will enable companies to produce reporting and disclosures aligned with some of the most commonly used reporting standards.

Availability and additional information

Third party comments on ServiceNow’s 

ServiceNow Launches Major Platform Release Designed For Hybrid Work

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ServiceNow announced key innovations to its Now Platform with the Now Platform Rome release. With this release ServiceNow is introducing hundreds of new innovations to empower organizations to adapt to the hybrid work era – evolving business models, managing the employee fatigue crisis, and scaling automation and app development across the enterprise.

The key highlights are:

  • The new digital command center for the hybrid workforce: The new ServiceNow Employee Center delivers a single, connected interface for employees to find information, get help across departments – including HR, IT, facilities, procurement, and legal – and request the services they need.
    • As part of ServiceNow and Microsoft’s expanded partnership to address the new and shifting dynamics of hybrid work, Employee Center will integrate with Microsoft Teams to meet employees where they are already working.
  • Accelerating automation across the entire enterprise: the Now Platform Rome release also brings powerful AI-powered service operations capabilities to scale automation across the enterprise and empower hybrid workers to work smarter not harder, with Automation Discovery & Health Log Analytics Enhancements (ITOM).
  • Enabling rapid development of modern, on-the-go mobile experiences: Mobile App Builder allows developers to rapidly build and configure engaging mobile apps for iOS and Android with a single intuitive interface, enhanced functionality, and guided experiences.

Here’s a video demo of Employee Center for your review:

The Now Platform Rome release is generally available today.