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ServiceNow Launches Major Platform Release Designed For Hybrid Work

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ServiceNow announced key innovations to its Now Platform with the Now Platform Rome release. With this release ServiceNow is introducing hundreds of new innovations to empower organizations to adapt to the hybrid work era – evolving business models, managing the employee fatigue crisis, and scaling automation and app development across the enterprise.

The key highlights are:

  • The new digital command center for the hybrid workforce: The new ServiceNow Employee Center delivers a single, connected interface for employees to find information, get help across departments – including HR, IT, facilities, procurement, and legal – and request the services they need.
    • As part of ServiceNow and Microsoft’s expanded partnership to address the new and shifting dynamics of hybrid work, Employee Center will integrate with Microsoft Teams to meet employees where they are already working.
  • Accelerating automation across the entire enterprise: the Now Platform Rome release also brings powerful AI-powered service operations capabilities to scale automation across the enterprise and empower hybrid workers to work smarter not harder, with Automation Discovery & Health Log Analytics Enhancements (ITOM).
  • Enabling rapid development of modern, on-the-go mobile experiences: Mobile App Builder allows developers to rapidly build and configure engaging mobile apps for iOS and Android with a single intuitive interface, enhanced functionality, and guided experiences.

Here’s a video demo of Employee Center for your review:

The Now Platform Rome release is generally available today.

ServiceNow To Acquire Indoor Mapping Disruptor Mapwize

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ServiceNow today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Mapwize, an indoor‑mapping and wayfinding company based in Lille, France. With Mapwize, ServiceNow will provide indoor mapping capabilities for employees as they reserve seats, conference rooms, workspaces and workplace resources, as well as navigate offices, from their desktop or mobile devices. Mapwize capabilities will also help workplace teams manage and update floor maps based on usage trends and evolving real‑estate needs.

To support flexible and agile workplaces, ServiceNow intends to build Mapwize’s capabilities natively into the Now Platform and the Workplace Service Delivery Suite.

Mapwize’s mapping solutions, product features and technical talent will complement and enhance ServiceNow’s existing Workplace Service Delivery capabilities, including Workplace Space Mapping, Workplace Reservation Management, Workplace Space Management, Workplace Visitor Management, Case and Knowledge Management and the Safe Workplace Suite.

Mapwize was founded in 2014 by CEO Médéric Morel and CTO Mathieu Gerard and is based in Lille, France. ServiceNow expects to complete the acquisition of Mapwize in Q3 2021. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

To learn more about how ServiceNow is powering the new world of hybrid work, visit the ServiceNow blog.

ServiceNow Transforms Hybrid Work With New Solutions To Help Offices Reopen Smoothly  

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ServiceNow today announced updates to its Workplace Service Delivery solution to support employees and facilities teams in an increasingly hybrid work environment that demands flexible, agile workplace service management applications. ServiceNow gives employees a consumer-grade mobile experience to reserve workspaces, conference rooms and services and navigate workplaces. For businesses, ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery solution provides the data and insights needed to better inform real estate costs and optimization.  

ServiceNow’s Workplace Service Delivery solution addresses a rapidly growing and urgent need for companies and employees to reopen offices and return to workplaces smoothly. Multi-channel, native mobile solutions automate requests, reservations and repairs so employees can focus on meaningful work.  

New features of Workplace Service Delivery include:  

  • Intelligent and intuitive reservation capabilities in the Workplace Reservation Management application for a consumer-grade reservation experience

    With many organizations prioritizing workspace hoteling over permanent seats in the new hybrid work environment, employees need to be able to easily make reservations for workspaces and workplace services.   
    Workplace Reservation Management already makes it simple for employees to reserve workspaces, desks and conference rooms. New native mobile capabilities make it even easier for employees to request these spaces. The updates also improve the self-service experience for employees as they book workspaces with single-click reservation capabilities. Additionally, a new prompt feature recommends adding requests and services – like catering or room configurations – while making a reservation.    
  • New space utilization capabilities within the Workplace Space Management application help facilities teams optimize real estate spend. 

    In the hybrid workplace, it’s critical that facilities teams have real-time access to data about space utilization to efficiently design workspaces and maximize real estate investments. If facilities teams understand how many employees are coming into a workplace on a given day, month or year, they can make more informed decisions about the office layout, how many buildings or floors need to be open, how much food and drink should be available in a kitchen, and workplace cleaning schedules.    
    With the new space utilization capabilities, the Workplace Space Management app provides facilities teams with a single solution to measure and define spaces as flexible or permanent and retire old spaces to optimize a company’s real estate portfolio.  
  • Enhancements to the Workplace Space Mapping application for better wayfinding throughout the office.Many employees returning to an office may be unfamiliar with new office layouts, while others who were hired during the pandemic have never set foot in the office. New mapping enhancements help employees locate permanent or reserved workspaces, find and reserve conference rooms or workspaces near teams, and navigate their work campus with ease.  

ServiceNow has been at the forefront of COVID response since the start of the pandemic, releasing Emergency Response apps in March 2020 to help ensure business continuity and the Safe Workplace Suite in May 2020 to manage employee health and safety. With Workplace Service Delivery, ServiceNow is powering the new world of work by delivering workflows that support flexible and agile ways of working.   
COVID evolves ENMAX’s digital transformation journey  

While Canadian-based power company ENMAX has been on a digital transformation journey for years, COVID forced the company to evolve their strategy. ENMAX built a four-phased plan to respond to COVID, including a React Phase to enable people to safely work from home, an Adjust Phase to enable a partial, safe return, and an Adapt Phase, which extended work from home while ensuring critical on-site staff could safely work in the office or in the field.   

ENMAX leveraged ServiceNow along the way, including Workplace Reservation Management and Virtual Agent, to safely manage workspace reservations for more than 2,200 employees and contractors.  

The fourth and final phase, the Advance Phase, will enable the workplace of the future with ServiceNow as the Platform powering digital transformation across the enterprise.  

ServiceNow uses Workplace Service Delivery to define the new world of work  

As ServiceNow returns its own employees to the workplace, Workplace Service Delivery and the Safe Workplace Suite are essential to support a safe, frictionless return.   

ServiceNow will leverage Workplace Service Delivery to help manage its distributed workforce and define the new world of work for its own employees, starting with Workplace Reservation Management to help employees reserve desks, conference rooms and other workplace services as well as Workplace Case Management and Workplace Visitor Management. In the future, Workplace Space Mapping will give employees access to interactive floor maps to navigate office layouts.  

It’s estimated that Workplace Reservation Management has the potential to help ServiceNow employees and workplace services teams save a combined 109,000 hours a year once all ServiceNow offices are at full capacity. 

Availability and additional information 

  • Enhancements to Workplace Reservation Management and Workplace Space Management are expected to be available in Q3.  
  • Enhancements to Workplace Space Mapping are available now.  

Read about how ServiceNow’s new integration with Microsoft Windows 365 streamlines hybrid work and provides a powerful end-to-end employee experience:  

Read more about how ServiceNow and Microsoft, together, are transforming the employee experience and improving business outcomes:  

LTI Launches Operational Technology Transformation Solution With ServiceNow

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Larsen & Toubro Infotech, a global technology consulting and digital solutions company, has launched ServiceNow based Operational Technology Management solution for the manufacturing industry. The solution aims to address the latent demand of the industry to have digital workflows for Operational Transformation (OT) Service Management.

The solution leverages LTI’s tech and domain expertise along with digital workflow enabling capabilities of ServiceNow, to deliver a scalable and secure solution for manufacturing operations using the Now Platform. This will help manufacturers embrace the concept of OT Management, in addition to IT Service Management (ITSM) practices. The solution also secures critical infrastructure from potential external threats and attacks, by helping ensure the foundational elements of OT cybersecurity.  

With insights from this solution, manufacturers can derive business benefits such as assured systems availability and rapid resolution of issues through a common service data model for manufacturing operations. Key features of the solution include: 

  • OT Visibility: Enabling digital view of all OT assets along with location, configuration and health 
  • OT Service Management: Improved response time to OT service requests 
  • OT Security and Governance: Reduction in risk and improved compliance 

LTI is an elite partner of ServiceNow with implementations across Fortune 500 companies and expertise across ITSM, ITOM, ITBM, HRM, CSM, IRM, SecOps, and platform management services. In its recent report, Information Services Group (ISG) has named LTI a Leader in ServiceNow Ecosystem Partners across all services in their 2021 ISG Provider LensTM report for the US.

Fisker Selects ServiceNow Solutions To Accelerate Vehicle Development

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Fisker Inc. today announced it has signed a product and service agreement with ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company making work, work better for people. The agreement includes Fisker’s purchase of ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) Pro and Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions to deliver seamless experiences for Fisker’s employees.  

ServiceNow’s digital workflows will help Fisker create frictionless experiences that make it easy for employees to get work done, enabling them to spend less time on non-critical tasks and more time on building a reimagined EV experience. Fisker will deploy ServiceNow’s ITSM Pro solution to deliver scalable services, increase productivity and create resilient IT service experiences for its employees. The company will also use ServiceNow’s SAM solution to optimize IT productivity, cost and resilience – enabling employees to work faster and smarter. Together, these solutions will help Fisker create a beautiful employee experience now – and great customer experiences in the future.

Fisker is projected to start production and deliveries on its first vehicle, the Ocean electric SUV, from November 17, 2022. The Fisker Ocean will initially be manufactured in Europe and sold across multiple markets in Europe and North America. Interest in the vehicle continues to build at an encouraging pace, with global paid reservations now standing at more than 16,000.

ServiceNow Survey Reveals Canadians Want More Digitally Accessible Public Services In The Wake Of COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused millions of Canadians to access the services they need online. Now, a growing number also want more digital options for fast, easy access to public services – from connecting with a government agency to address a specific question, to managing COVID-19 vaccine appointments. The demand for digitally accessing government services is higher than ever, and it’s here to stay. A new survey commissioned by ServiceNow reveals if given the choice, at least two-thirds of Canadians prefer to access services digitally, across federal (69%), provincial (70%) and municipal services (65%).  

Results from ServiceNow’s Citizen Experience in Canada Report, which polled 1,500 Canadian adults, reveals the shift in expectation as 3 in 4 (74%) say the pandemic has made them more open to accessing government services digitally. Delivering great experiences matter, as more than half of Canadians say positive experiences with public services improve their overall perceptions of government (61%) and increase the likelihood they will have future interactions with government agencies (56%). 

However, access to public services is a challenge for nearly half (46%) of Canadians who rely on someone else to help them navigate government systems. Among those who rely on someone else to handle public service processes for them, 3 in 10 (28%) need help because the process is too complicated, while another 2 in 10 (18%) say they do not know how to do it or where to go. 

Simplicity and accessibility are key to adoption of public services  

For Canadians who have had difficult experiences with government services, it is often a matter of starting off on the wrong foot. Six in 10 (62%) Canadians faced challenges with public services before the process even started, as they had trouble making contact with the correct government department to address their needs. This is a result of outdated and complex systems; not being able to get through phone lines (52%), unable to locate correct information (25%), and getting bounced around to different departments (24%). 

The opportunity comes down to simplicity. More than 8 in 10 (84%) Canadians believe that their experience navigating and accessing government services would be simplified if more digital options were available. Eight in 10 feel the experience would be improved through greater use of automation (77%) and live chat functions (77%), while nearly three quarters (74%) say their experience could be streamlined through mobile-friendly options. 

It’s also important to Canadians that digital services offered by the government are easy to use and fast. For example, Digital Identity is a secure way of loading personal identification into a centralized digital wallet. While this is viewed as an emerging concept for accessing public services, 8 in 10 (82%) Canadians believe it is convenient and would make accessing public services faster (81%) and simpler (78%).  

Vaccine rollout highlights digital opportunities for public services 

When it comes to accessing critical services such as COVID-19 vaccines, digital workflows have a big role to play in supporting the processes and infrastructure needed to vaccinate people quickly. Close to 3 in 4 (72%) Canadians believe the increased use of digital tools could improve confidence in the government’s vaccine rollout efforts, including: 

  • Allowing citizens to book their vaccine appointment online (65%). 
  • Providing digital tools that will help medical staff with booking vaccine appointments for the public (45%). 
  • Providing digital tools that will help medical staff with the day-to-day logistics of the vaccination process, such as employee staffing and other administrative tasks (38%). 

More details about the survey findings can be found here

ServiceNow Knowledge 2021 Kicks Off

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Today, ServiceNow kicked off its Knowledge 2021 digital experience, announcing new innovations designed to help solve organizations’ most pressing challenges – from supporting the delivery of millions of COVID vaccinations across the globe to facilitating the phased return to the workplace and accelerating digital transformation for a new era of work.  

Highlights include: 

  • Accelerating global vaccination efforts: ServiceNow today announced new capabilities to its Vaccine Administration Management solution that enhance scheduling and inventory management to make COVID-19 vaccines more accessible, especially for individuals who lack internet access, eliminating key barriers to vaccine distribution. More information is available HERE
  • Powering digital transformation in manufacturing and healthcare industries: ServiceNow is extending the power of its Now Platform to two new industries, including Manufacturing and Healthcare and Life Sciences, to help manufacturing companies including Siemens Energy digitally transform their businesses for long-term growth and help healthcare organizations enhance the patient experience to power the healthcare ecosystem of the future. More information is available HERE
  • Helping organizations safely bring employees back to the workplace: ServiceNow is expanding its Employee Workflow capabilities, with a new planning tool within the Safe Workplace Dashboard to help companies make more informed decisions about returning to work and a Neighborhoods feature for Workplace Service Delivery to help organizations manage flexible seating and prevent overcrowding. More information is available HERE
    • ServiceNow has seen an over 45% increase in Safe Workplace and Workplace Service Delivery app usage since the beginning of 2021, with companies like BankUnited, Uber, and ENMAX using ServiceNow to plan for a new era of work. 
  • Improving the development of cloud-native applications with insight-driven, action-oriented workflows: ServiceNow’s acquisition of Lightstep announced this week combines next-generation observability with the world’s leading enterprise digital workflow platform.With this acquisition, ServiceNow will help software developers build, deploy, run, and monitor state-of-the-art, cloud-native applications with insight-driven, action-oriented workflows.  

There’s more to come from Knowledge 2021 so stay tuned for more.

ServiceNow Has Acquired Lightstep

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Leading into the first week of ServiceNow’s Knowledge 21 digital event, ServiceNow today announcedthat it has agreed to acquire Lightstep, a San Francisco-based disruptor in the observability space. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but this is one of ServiceNow’s largest acquisitions to date.

Lightstep solidifies ServiceNow’s position as the world’s leading enterprise platform for digital business. ServiceNow is already a recognized market leader in IT service management, IT operations management and digital workflows. With Lightstep, an emerging pioneer in next generation application monitoring and observability, ServiceNow will help software developers build, deploy, run, and monitor state-of-the-art, cloud-native applications.

Customers will be able to more easily monitor and respond to critical signals and indicators of software health using Lightstep’s capabilities with ServiceNow’s IT workflow solutions’ ability to weave disparate elements into a seamless digital fabric. This gives business the confidence and clarity to drive faster innovation and better outcomes across the entire digital experience.

ServiceNow & Qualtrics Partner To Help Companies Deliver Next-Generation Experiences

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ServiceNow and Qualtrics today announced a strategic partnership to help companies deliver next-generation employee experiences and customer service, leveraging the combined power of ServiceNow’s digital workflows with Qualtrics’ experience management technology on a single platform. With the new solutions, companies will be able to bring sentiment data from Qualtrics into ServiceNow Customer and IT Workflows to quickly act on customer insights with digital workflows, increasing employee productivity, and enhancing customer loyalty.   

Feedback-driven experiences for a new era of work 

Great experiences drive customer loyalty and powerful employee engagement. Yet organizations still struggle with siloed systems that cannot deliver the modern, digital experiences employees want and customers expect. To address this challenge at scale, ServiceNow and Qualtrics will fuel great experiences and unlock productivity by making feedback actionable in the enterprise.  

With the following new joint solutions, companies will be able to bring experience data from Qualtrics into ServiceNow Agent Workspaces to visualize performance, uncover key drivers of service satisfaction, and easily act on those insights.  

  • Experience Management for IT: Combining Qualtrics EmployeeXM™ for IT with ServiceNow IT Service Management to enable companies to connect their business-critical operational and service delivery data with employee feedback on a company’s internal IT services on a single platform. IT teams will be able to measure the effectiveness of their internal technologies, optimize service management processes, and provide seamless digital experiences as companies permanently shift to a remote or hybrid work model. 
  • Experience-led Customer Service: Bringing together Qualtrics CustomerXM™ with ServiceNow Customer Service Management will give service agents and managers the tools they need to automatically trigger workflows based on feedback, uncover drivers for customer satisfaction, improve cost-to-serve, and increase content effectiveness. 

The new solutions will be available to joint customers through a phased joint product and go-to-market strategy. 

As part of today’s announcement, ServiceNow and Qualtrics will also expand their use of each other’s solutions to unlock productivity across their respective companies.   

Customers can access Qualtrics and ServiceNow workflow integration today. New solutions available starting in the second half of 2021.  

ServiceNow Enhances Vaccine Solution To Help Organizations Vaccinate At Scale

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ServiceNow which is supporting vaccinations for more than 20 million people with the Now Platform and its Vaccine Administration Management solution, today released further product enhancements to its Vaccine Administration Management solution to help organizations quickly meet the “last‑mile” challenges of vaccinating and protecting people at scale. The latest enhancements make it easier for people to schedule vaccination appointments and for providers to manage vaccine inventory.

With the Biden administration directing states to make all U.S. adults eligible for vaccinations by May 1, ServiceNow is committed to leveraging the Now Platform to help states and healthcare providers convert vaccines into vaccinations as quickly as possible. The Now Platform and Vaccine Administration Management solution are being deployed in just days by some providers, using ServiceNow’s workflow technology to rapidly improve vaccine distribution, administration, and monitoring. The NHS National Services Scotland, for example, is using ServiceNow to help quickly vaccinate Scottish citizens.  

Additionally, Children’s Minnesota, one of the largest pediatric health care systems in the U.S., recently went live with ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management in just five days. When Children’s Minnesota expanded its vaccination rollout beyond staff, to patient caregivers and the most vulnerable members of the community, it experienced similar challenges as those faced by other organizations across the country. With its new system, Children’s Minnesota has reduced wait times from three hours in a walk‑in model to 20 minutes with an appointment and successfully vaccinated nearly 1,400 staff members, caregivers and the community in 11 hours.

ServiceNow is helping organizations across healthcare, government, education, and the private sector distribute COVID‑19 vaccines and get people vaccinated quickly, including:

  • The Department of Homeland Security is facilitating vaccinations for its 240,000 employees via ServiceNow for vaccination eligibility checks, communication management, and coordinating mass vaccinations at Veterans Affairs facilities.
  • The University of Central Florida is leveraging ServiceNow to coordinate and schedule first and second dose vaccinations for its faculty and staff.
  • The State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) is relying on ServiceNow’s technology as the foundation for its command center for healthcare providers, clinicians administering the vaccine, and supporting NCDHHS staff to access the latest information related to state vaccine requirements and to get their vaccine‑related questions answered.
  • Outside the U.S., The NHS National Services Scotland is using ServiceNow’s Now Platform as the digital backbone of its program to rapidly roll out the vaccine to protect citizen health in the fight against COVID‑ Over 220,000 vaccination appointments were booked in the first 12 hours of the Now Platform going live.

Introducing more control and visibility for vaccination scheduling

The latest updates to the ServiceNow Vaccine Administration Management solution improve the vaccination scheduling process for vaccine recipients, administrators, and clinicians, providing increased visibility into inventory, to help convert all available vaccines into vaccinations.

New capabilities announced today offer increased control and visibility over available vaccine doses to help match vaccine appointments with inventory supply to minimize waste and avoid overbooking appointments. This has been a challenge for many organizations, leading to long wait times and leaving many recipients in line with cancelled appointments. New capabilities include:

  • The ability to schedule and cancel appointments based on vaccine inventory as vaccines are distributed. Organizations can automatically track vaccine inventory in real‑time and open, close, and reschedule appointments based on the number of vaccines they have available.
  • Location‑level configuration capabilities enable organizations managing multiple vaccination sites to specify inventory, available hours, and appointment slots by location.

Additionally, new capabilities announced today give vaccine recipients more control over the scheduling process for a seamless booking experience, including:

  • The ability to select a specific day and time for appointments and independently book second appointments. Previously, users were automatically booked into the first available spot.
  • The ability for contact center agents to book appointments on behalf of recipients.
  • Options for family scheduling will be available soon, allowing families to book appointments together and at the same time, rather than signing up individually with different accounts at varying times.

These updates will support smoother and more efficient experiences for both those receiving and administering vaccinations as more people become eligible and vaccines are made widely available.

Workflowing a healthier future

The recently passed U.S. stimulus package has prioritized helping state and local governments recover from the challenges of COVID‑19 to get people back to work and to restart the economy.

ServiceNow also continues to innovate its previously announced Safe Workplace suite to allow governments and organizations to safely return to work. ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace suite supports all aspects of creating a safe and efficient return to work for governments, campuses, and companies. This now includes Vaccination Status, an app that helps public and private sector companies track the status of vaccinations in the workplace.

With the ServiceNow Vaccination Status app, employees and stakeholders in an organization can easily submit documentation of completed health vaccinations to meet return to workplace requirements, where permissible by law. Organizations can also collect vaccination data to assess when it’s safe to bring employees and stakeholders back to a workplace and provide benefits to employees who received vaccinations, in accordance with their respective policies.

To date, more than 1,000 organizations globally have downloaded the Safe Workplace suite of apps with over 12,000 unique installations.

Availability and additional information

New features are currently available in the ServiceNow Store, and caregiver scheduling options are expected to be available in April.