Some Apple Users Locked Out Of Their iCloud Accounts

Reports have been coming in over the last few hours of Apple users finding that they are locked out of their iCloud accounts. The only way back in is to do a password reset. Now Apple will lock accounts when someone attempts to access an ID by entering their incorrect password too many times. So it is possible that what might be going on is some sort of brute force attack on iCloud accounts on a scale not previously seen. Or Apple could be having some sort of technical issue. At this point the cause isn’t clear as Apple isn’t really commenting as is typical for them.

How do you know if you are affected? iOS will present an alert in settings that says some Apple ID settings must be updated. Also, you may lose access to services like iMessage, iCloud and Apple Music if you do not verify your identity. If you find that your account is locked, you should follow the instructions here to unlock it. Also, you might want to strongly consider using two factor verification for your iCloud account whether you are affected or not.

How many users are affected? A lot if you go by social media. But an exact number is hard to come by. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s any clarity on that front via a comment from Apple or from some other source.


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