SAP Concur Has Insights On Digital Travel Expense Management Adoption In Canada

SAP Concur has some insights via a report on corporate travel management automation in Canada. The trend toward automation is gaining momentum, and there are significant benefits to be seen.

SAP Concur gathered travel expense management data and insights from over 500 Canadian finance decision-makers at businesses of all sizes and revealed:

  • Two-thirds (67%) of employees use an online booking tool to book travel, while 41 per cent do it by phone, 39 per cent by email and 28 per cent through a mobile app.
  • 58 per cent of finance decision makers say mobile has made it “somewhat easier to much easier” to track travel expenses.
  • Only 11 per cent of Canadian companies are currently benefitting from a fully automated travel expense tracking and management system.
    • 24 per cent of Canadian businesses are already in the process of automating travel expenses, and 69 per cent planning to automate within two years.
  • The top benefits experienced from travel management automation include reduced overall travel costs, increased visibility of spending, improved accuracy in expense reporting, streamlined booking processes and shortened reimbursement times for employees.

You can see the full report online here.

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