Guest Post: SAP Concur Says That Another weapon For The War On Talent Is Workplace Technology

Companies are struggling to retain their talent—21 per cent of millennials changed jobs within the last year. However, 46 per cent of millennials will stay at their current organization if there’s advanced technologies incorporated into their workday.

By leveraging technology unique to business functions, companies can improve employee satisfaction and productivity through:

  • Automating basic processes – No one wants to spend their time on menial and repetitive tasks. Automation frees employees’ time to focus on career growth activities and strategic functions.
  • Going mobile – Employers should choose mobile-friendly solutions and look for apps that complete several business tasks in one place. This keeps employees from feeling overwhelmed and helps them stay efficient and organized.
  • Meeting employees where they’re already working – Employees spend much of their workday in collaboration apps and email, so companies should deploy APIs that let employees do more in these environments.
  • Not underestimating user satisfaction – Consumers have grown accustomed to simple and personalized technologies for almost everything they do—they expect the same in the workplace.

SAP Concur is helping companies win the war on talent by providing streamlined travel and expense management solutions with the same conveniences from technology we’ve become used to in our personal lives. With artificial intelligence allowing employees to simply snap a photo of their receipts and letting the system convert it into an expense report line item, employees don’t have to worry about keeping track of all their crumpled-up receipts in their wallets. Similarly, Concur Travel makes business travel planning effortless with the flexibility to manage itineraries on the go and offering user-friendly interfaces and an easy-to-use mobile app.

When businesses incorporate advanced technologies that bring modern-day conveniences to the workplace, employees are more productive and satisfied.

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