Facebook Bug Exposes The Unshared Photos Of 6.8 Million Users…. It’s Again Time To #DeleteFacebook

Facebook’s sheer inability to keep user data safe is on display again today as news is coming out that a bug that affects up to 6.8 million users shared photos that were not meant to be shared. CNBC has the details:

Facebook said that photos that had yet to be shared could have been accessed by apps that users gave permission to access their Facebook photos. Facebook said that photos that hadn’t yet been shared on its platform could be accessed because the platform stores a copy of photos that users do not finish sharing on their profile after attempting to upload.

Facebook said the bug in its photo API affected a 12 day window between Sept. 13 and Sept. 25 and gave access to up to 1,500 apps built by 876 developers. Facebook said the bug did not affect photos that were shared in Messenger conversations and that Facebook became aware of the bug and fixed it on Sept. 25.

Facebook said it will alert users who may have been affected by the breach through a notice on the site that will show them how to see if apps they use were affected. The company also advises users log into apps they believe they granted access to Facebook photos to see which photos they have accessed.

Now Facebook has as usual apologized for this latest screw up. But frankly, their apologies are meaningless at this point. Facebook is either incapable of keeping user data safe, or they simply don’t care. Which means that rather than take their apology at face value, Facebook users should simply #DeleteFacebook as this farce has gone on long enough.

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