New Report From Darktrace Explores AI-Driven Cyber-Attacks

With attacks becoming more sophisticated, 2019 is sure to usher in a new trend in cyber-attacks where criminals increasingly leverage AI and machine learning. To explore this, Darktrace has launched a new report authored by Max Heinemeyer, Director of Threat Hunting.

The report is proprietary research into the most sophisticated threats that Darktrace sees ‘in the wild’ across its 7,000 deployments of cyber AI. Max explains how these real attacks are characteristic of what we expect see in AI-driven cyber-attacks of the near future.

To develop an understanding of the enhanced abilities of AI-driven cyber-attacks, the report presents three real case studies of advanced threats:

  1. Malware which moves laterally through the network at machine speed
  2. Attacker communications which mimic trusted parts of a system to blend into the target environment
  3. Data exfiltration which is carefully configured to evade detection through stealth and subtlety

The report is available here and is very much worth reading.

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