OpenText’s 2019 Technology Predictions From AI To Blockchain

Some of the technology experts at OpenText have put together their predictions for 2019 and they wanted to share a few with you. These are snippets of the larger predictions pieces by each expert but we thought it might give you a more interesting overview of some of the areas where OpenText is concentrating in 2019.

What will be the AI story for 2019?

The long-promised enterprise AI transformation is poised to begin in earnest in 2019. Most enterprises have reached a point of digital maturity, ensuring access to quality data at scale. With mature data sets, AI providers can offer lower cost, easier to use AI tools for specific business use cases. The effect of enterprise AI at scale will be significant. Gartner expects the business value of AI to hit nearly $3.9 trillion by 2022. Consumers also stand to benefit in almost every sector. They’ll see more innovative products and services, smarter homes, factories and cities, improved health, and a higher quality of life.
– Zachary Jarvinen, Head of Technology Strategy, AI and Analytics, OpenText
Increase in adoption of cloud and proliferation of new cloud solutions and services
The proliferation of new cloud solutions and services will continue in 2019 driven by customers who are looking to move faster into the cloud in the coming years. All industries are looking for a stable and secure infrastructure for information management in the cloud. This includes previously cloud-weary sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, legal, life sciences, and government. In fact, life sciences is one area where we are seeing customers move more aggressively to the cloud than ever before. Also – workloads matter. Typical workloads that are moving to the cloud faster are things like HR, contracts, legal, collaboration, digital asset management etc.
– Savinay Berry, Vice President of Cloud Services, OpenText
Privacy Regulations will drive more transparency
Privacy regulations will force vendors to abandon the black-box approach to AI. Vendors will need to be more open about what data is captured and analyzed by security and AI technology. This in turn pushes vendors to focus on more specific and achievable use cases. Enterprise consumers will benefit from more rapid ROI and simpler deployments of emerging technology.
– Anthony Di Bello, Senior Director of Market Development, OpenText

Blockchain talent will be in high demand and the industry will experience a skills gap 

As we’ve seen with AI, demand for talented engineers and developers in blockchain will surge. Organizations will find themselves ill-equipped to handle the supply-demand gap. To bridge the gap in skills and experience, we’ll start to see substantial investments from academic institutions and large enterprises in training courses and additional resources. In 2019 we will see an exponential growth in blockchain practices being established by global systems integrators such as Accenture.

– Mark Morley, Director, Strategic Product Marketing at OpenText



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