Huawei Employee Busted In Poland For Spying…. Said Employee Is Then Sacked

This isn’t a good time for Huawei. Late last week, Weijing Wang was nicked by Polish Authorities for spying:

Poland’s counter-espionage agency has charged a Chinese manager at tech giant Huawei in Poland and one of its own former officers with espionage against Poland on behalf of China, Polish state television reported on Friday.

The two men were arrested on Tuesday, according to the Internal Security Agency. Polish security agents also searched the offices of Huawei and Orange, Poland’s leading communications provider, where the Pole had recently worked, seizing documents and electronic data. The homes of both men were also searched, according to TVP, the state broadcaster.

The timing sucks for Huawei as they have been saying to anyone who will listen that all this spying stuff is overblown and they can be trusted. In the case of Poland, they’re considering limits on the use of Huawei gear.

A government official who is responsible for cyber security told Reuters “abrupt” policy changes towards Huawei were not warranted after the arrests.

But he said the use of the company’s products by state entities could be reviewed.

“We will analyse whether … our decision can include an end to the use … of Huawei products,” Karol Okonski told Reuters.

That must have freaked out Huawei as they’ve now sacked the employee in question:

The Chinese tech company Huawei on Saturday announced it has fired a sales director who was arrested in Poland and charged with spying for China, saying he has brought the firm’s reputation “into disrepute.”

The company said it has “decided to terminate the employment of Mr. Wang Weijing, who was arrested on suspicion of breaking Polish law.”

Sacking one employee isn’t going to make a difference. What will begin to make the difference for Huawei is if they are completely transparent and open themselves to having every portion of their business looked at by anyone who wants to look at them. Unless they do that, stories like these will be a death by a thousand cuts for them.

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