Is Nonda Working On A “Version 2” Of Their Smart Tire Monitoring System That Hopefully Isn’t Flawed? Or Are They Lying?

Frequent readers will recall that I’ve been covering the issues with the Zus Smart Tire Monitoring System and the rather shambolic response by Nonda the company who makes it. To recap, I pulled the recommendation of the Zus Smart Tire Monitor by Nonda recently because of a pretty stunning design flaw which is it is prone to galvanic corrosion. That causes the sensors to become stuck on the valve stems. That forced me to have the valve stems on the tires of my car cut off when I tripped over this issue. And then the shambolic response to this issue by Nonda started. Followed by rumors of a redesigned model which Nonda would not confirm or deny. Well, a reader tipped me off to this post on the Nonda Facebook page where it says this:

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 3.21.39 PM.png

You’ll note that Nonda, or whomever is running their Facebook page is saying that there is a “version 2” of their Smart Tire Monitoring System coming that will not have the issue with galvanic corrosion. But they only said that when they got caught lying to Phil Brown about the sensors having a habit of being stuck on valve stems. So the question is this. Are they just saying that they are working on a “version 2” of their sensors? Or are they just lying to consumers just to keep selling what they have out there right now? That isn’t clear. But let’s take Nonda at their word, which is difficult to do at this point. I have two questions, how do they prove that there are no issues with this version of their Smart Tire Monitoring System? And what are they going to do for existing owners who already own the Smart Tire Monitoring System with the defective sensors? Will they replace them either free of charge or cheap? That isn’t clear either. What would be handy is if Nonda suddenly changes their behavior and becomes completely transparent about all of this. That is the only way that they will regain the trust of their users and media like me who will call them out until they give me a reason not to.

So how about it Nonda?

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  1. […] UPDATE: There’s a new development in this story which is available to read here. […]

  2. […] the exclusive story that I wrote at the time, they tried to walk that back. But there was news that Nonda admitted again that they were working on a “version 2” of this system that wouldn’t have this issue. And they from what I can tell did not walk that back. Fast […]

  3. How about those of us beta testers that have had to have our tire repair shop cut these off at a cost of $98 USD? Anybody have any luck getting nonda to stand behind that?

  4. Phil Brown Says:

    Looks like Nonda is no longer selling this product.

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