Canadian Law Firm Launches Class Action Lawsuit Over FaceTime Bug

Things go from bad to worse for Apple. After being sued by a lawyer, then having an investigation started by the State of New York, Apple is now facing a class action lawsuit from a Canadian law firm. Montréal-based law firm Lambert Avocat Inc. has applied for a class action lawsuit against Apple with the Superior Court of Québec. The firm seeks damages for all who are affected by this bug. Which are anyone who runs an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPod with iOS 12.1 or later, as well as anyone who runs a Mac with macOS 10.14.1 or later.

Apple really needs to step up here as this is not only not going away, but is getting progressively worse for the company. Simply saying nothing and putting out a software fix “sometime this week” as it hasn’t appeared as of yet isn’t going to cut it. They have to do a whole lot more to reassure users that they can be trusted. Which if the stars align will take away the incentive for these lawsuits and investigations to be started.

So how about it Apple?

2 Responses to “Canadian Law Firm Launches Class Action Lawsuit Over FaceTime Bug”

  1. […] York State into their response to this issue. But it won’t help their cause in terms of the two separate lawsuits that have been filed over this […]

  2. […] the end of last week it was going to be this week. In the meantime, Apple has been sued, and then sued again. New York State is investigating the bug, and the US Congress is asking some very pointed questions […]

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