#FlexGate Is Another Sign That Apple Isn’t What It Used To Be

I’ve been saying for a while now that Apple is really not what it is used to be and as a result it’s in deep trouble. The latest example of this is what has become known as #FlexGate.

Yes. We have yet another Apple “gate” style controversy on our hands.

If you have a touch bar MacBook Pro, the flex cable that connects the display to the logic board can fail. This first creates a “stage light” effect on the screen. Then the display can fail outright. And the really bad part is that this happens under normal usage by simply opening and closing the screen.


Now if you don’t have AppleCare, replacing this cable which likely costs under $10 requires you to replace the entire display which is $800 or more here in Canada. And despite the fact that this is a pretty obvious design flaw, Apple at present insists on forcing you to pay for their mistake.


Whats worse is that it appears that Apple is trying to cover this up. There are multiple people who claim to have started threads on Apple’s support site only to have them deleted. That’s pretty shifty on Apple’s part.

Now there’s a petition that is urging Apple to do the right thing. But the fact that they even have to urged to do the right thing is disconcerting to say the least. Here in Canada a fully maxed out MacBook Pro is $10,000. A decently loaded on goes for about half that. You’d think that for that sort of money, the quality would not only be better, but Apple would stand behind their product. But clearly that’s no longer the case. It’s another sign that Apple isn’t what it used to be and as a result is in decline. And #FlexGate combined with #KeyboardGate is the reason why I’m not springing for a new Apple laptop anytime soon.


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