Do You Have A Nest Secure? There’s A Hidden Mic That Google Never Told You About

From the “so much for do no evil” file comes the disclosure by Google of a microphone on their Nest Secure which was meant to be used with Google Assistant:

Apparently this could be enabled or disabled at any time via the Nest mobile app, and via this blog post it further explained that it was an opt-in feature, and that customers will receive email explaining how to activate it.

One slight problem, this wasn’t disclosed for over 18 months. Thus people who bought the Nest Secure without knowing that there was a microphone present. And during those 18 months or so the potential existed for the bad guys, hackers or whomever to hack in and listen in.

Not cool Google. Not cool.

The fact is that if your IoT device secretly contained a microphone, which was previously undocumented, would you be happy when the device maker announced an over-the-air update that can enable the microphone? Of course not. You should be enraged and call for heads to roll. Now Google does admit that they screwed up, but it wasn’t intended to be a secret. But that will do little to calm people who own one of these devices and discovered this added feature.

By the way, you have to wonder how many other IoT devices have similar “features.”


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