Another Sign That You Should #DeleteFacebook… Security Breach Finds Millions of Facebook Related Records Exposed On Amazon Servers

Clearly Facebook is a company that is completely incapable of keeping your data safe and secure. I say that because security researchers have uncovered multiple instances of Facebook user data being exposed publicly on Amazon cloud servers.


Bloomberg is reporting that this was discovered by the cybersecurity firm, UpGuard. It is believed that the millions of user records were inadvertently uploaded to Amazon’s servers which are publicly accessible. UpGuard found Cultura Colectiva had openly stored 540 million of the Facebook records. Facebook shut down the database after Bloomberg notified the company about the problem. A more concerning public database called “At the Pool” included “names, passwords and email addresses for 22,000 people.” And what’s worse is that this may be the tip of the iceberg. UpGuard points out that Facebook has a history of loosely sharing its data with third-party companies. And that there are 100,000 public Amazon-hosted databases. Which means more unsecured data is likely out there.


So…. When will Facebook get carpet bombed out of existence by the authorities? Surely it’s high time that this company gets punished for the sort of behavior that they have exhibited over the last few years?


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