Guest Post: Even As Corporate Data Grows Exponentially, Backup Is Becoming Simpler

By Matt Tyrer

World Backup Day was this past Sunday, but Canadian businesses can’t afford to be thinking about backup just one day every year. Organizations need to back up and protect their data constantly if they want to avoid a disruption to their operations.

Fortunately, new Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), dynamic indexing, scale-out infrastructure and cloud technologies are increasingly making it possible for IT professionals to simplify backup, even in complex hybrid multicloud environments. From AI-powered self-driving backup that automates data protection care and feeding tasks, to scale-out backup appliances IT pros can just plug-in as their data backup needs expand, there is no reason for any enterprise to work hard at backup any more.

The same system can also provide data activation solutions that streamline data privacy and governance, while expanding the business value of data, so there is no reason for IT professionals to be pulling their hair out over data protection. This isimportant given today’s tight market for storage, backup and other IT talent, in a world where having a complete, simplified data recovery readiness strategy is an absolute necessity.

Ensuring the right data protection technology is in place is only half the battle. IT professionals also need to plan and set Service Levels (SLAs) and ensure those SLAs are being met.

To make sure protection expectations equal reality, they should follow these three key backup commandments:

  • If you don’t know what it is, back it up.
  • If you don’t know if you’ll need it, back it up.
  • If you know what it is and understand its value to you and/or your business, back it up.

Backing up growing amounts of data from an ever-increasing number of clouds and other infrastructure might seem complex and intimidating, but today’s data management and protection technologies can make it easier than many IT professionals think.


Matt Tyrer is senior manager, solutions marketing – Americas for Commvault


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