HP Canada Offers Up Tips On Sustainability In The Workplace

Sustainability is no longer a nice to have for companies, it’s a need to have. According to recent findings, nearly half (48%) of office workers agree that they don’t demand sustainability from employers because they expect them to already have sustainable business practices. Millennials in particular prove to be driven by brand purpose. As much as 45 per cent of millennials would look to change jobs if the company they worked for didn’t implement sustainable business practices.

Frances Edmonds, head of sustainability at HP Canada, shares a few ways we can encourage our own offices or workplaces to start thinking more about sustainability, and some easy programs that can be implemented to get the ball rolling.

These tips include:

  1. Gauge how much your team already knows about sustainability. Calculate individual carbon footprints, or host a townhall on energy, travel, ink and paper.
  2. Start small, with easy ways your coworkers can change their behaviour to be more green, like encouraging double-sided printing or biking/walking to work.
  3. Work in larger initiatives later, once smaller projects are underway. Consider the benefits of switching your company to a close-loop sourcing program to reduce waste. Take HP’s ENVY photo printer for example, it is made with closed-loop recycled plastic – more than 10% by weight.
  4. Involve everyone. For sustainability initiatives to work, make sure everyone in the office is involved. Listen to ideas and encourage team members to lead their own initiatives.
  5. Take advantage of existing resources. If you’re stuck on ideas how to engage your coworkers or what to do next, there are ample resources to point you in the right direction. HP’s sustainable IT purchasing guide has free resources, online toolkits and support to help anyone become a green champion within their office.


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