Rogers Services Are Not Working For Some In Toronto Due To A Fibre Cut

If you’re in the north-east part of Toronto and your Rogers TV, Home Phone, and/or Internet aren’t working, it’s not you that’s the issue. Rogers unfortunately has become the victim of a cut fibre optic cable thanks to a construction crew who didn’t have their eye on the ball. That in turn has cut service to roughly 4000 customers. Rogers has been keeping customers updated on social media.

But as I type this, Rogers crews are still working to restore service:

Fixing this sort of issue is not an easy task as it requires specialized equipment, the right people, and a lot of time as it can take hours or even a day or more to restore service when a fibre cable is cut. So the advice that I have been giving people who have reached out to me about this is to be patient for service to come back on line. You truly have no other option as phoning Rogers and unloading on the first contact center rep from Rogers that you get isn’t going to restore your Internet, Home Phone, and TV any faster.

I’ll update this story with any developments that I become aware of.

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