TekSavvy Files Intervention Concerning The CRTC’s MVNO Consultation

ISP TekSavvy has filed an intervention in relation the the CRTC’s MVNO consultation. What is an MVNO you ask? A mobile virtual network operator or MVNO is a reseller for wireless communications services. An MVNO leases wireless capacity (in effect, purchases “minutes”) from a third-party mobile network operator (MNO) at wholesale prices and resells it to consumers at reduced retail prices under its own business brand. TekSavvy does a version of this with their Internet service. Thus this is a natural next step to expand their offerings.

Andy Kaplan-Myrth, TekSavvy’s VP, Regulatory and Carrier Affairs also had this to say:

TekSavvy is calling for immediate action by the CRTC to open up the wireless market to real competition.

Today, 3 big telecom companies control over 90% of the wireless market and as a result Canadians pay among the highest prices in the world, while the Competition Bureau and CRTC investigate widespread abuses against consumers.  Canadians demand better, as evidenced by 72,000 letters to their MPs in our Pay Less To Connect campaign.

As Canada’s largest wholesale-based Internet service provider, TekSavvy is well positioned to offer consumer choice for wireless services.

That’s why we’re calling on the CRTC to take practical steps that we know will create real competition and serve consumers interests by mandating a “Full MVNO” regulatory model, and setting fair wholesale rates and terms.

The Intervention was filed yesterday and as soon as it pops up on the CRTC site, I will link to it so that you can see what Teksavvy had to say.

UPDATE: Here are the intervention documents.

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