Canadian Businesses Must Digitize to Remain Competitive: Salesforce

Salesforce has released a report that explores the pivotal role of technology in Canadian business. It looks at how companies are (and are not) digitizing, with a lens into some of the major barriers and concerns Canadian businesses have about keeping up.

The report reveals that 79 per cent of Canadian businesses agree that in order for Canada to be seen as a global leader in innovation, it is essential for all sectors to digitize — but 1 in 3 Canadian businesses recognize that their use of tech has stayed the same over the past three years and about half admit they don’t know where to get practical advice on how to use emerging tech.

From significant government investments in AI to a growing number of start-ups cropping up across the country, Canada has become a hotbed for innovation. But, in an increasingly automated world, embracing digital adoption and cloud technology is paramount to staying competitive. Salesforce is looking to better understand the barriers many Canadian businesses still face through this report, which contains responses across industries, and over indexes on legacy sectors which are set to feel the greatest effects of automation.

Report Highlights

  • 79% of Canadians believe it is essential for all sectors to digitize in order for Canada to be seen as a global leader in innovation
  • Yet 52% believe that Canada still lags behind other countries when it comes to technology adoption
  • Canadian businesses that have significantly increased their use of tech are twice as likely as others (27% vs. 13%) to report strong growth over the past three years
  • Although Canadian businesses are slower to adopt technologies like AI, adoption over the next three years is expected to more than double
  • 60% of Canadian businesses believe AI and emerging tech will replace a lot of jobs
  • About half (49%) of Canadian businesses say it’s difficult to get advice about how to apply emerging tech (automation, big data, AI)
  • 62% of Canadian businesses say it’s difficult to find and attract the right talent with tech skills needed to thrive in today’s environment

Salesforce has a microsite here and you can download the report from there.

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