HP Explores Rediscovered Memories In New Short Film This Father’s Day

Canada is a mosaic of different people and cultures, and every individual has a unique story to share. Every family has a history worth exploring, and being able to print off and share special photos allows us to celebrate and remember significant moments forever.

HP’s History of Memory series explores the evolution of photography to better understand the connection between printed photos and memory. Through films, events, personal stories and social experiences, the value of printed images in our lives, especially in our family histories, is elevated and explained.

This Father’s Day, HP is releasing the third film in their History of Memory series, China Lost & Found. The film reminds us of the power of photography by highlighting one story from the world-famous Beijing Silvermine collection, and what happened when a forgotten holiday snapshot is rediscovered and then celebrated around the globe. At its core, China Lost & Found reminds us how much we — as fathers, travelers, everyday photographers — have in common, and the powerful force of photography to cross boundaries, both metaphorical and physical.

You can follow this link to watch the film.

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