AT&T Customers Have Their Samsung Galaxy Fold Orders Cancelled

Samsung’s troubled Galaxy Fold phone now has a new problem. According to Tom’s Hardware, AT&T has cancelled all orders and will be serving up a $100 credit to affected customers. Here’s why:

The email from AT&T says that orders are being cancelled because “Samsung delayed the release of the phone, which means we can’t ship your phone.” 

This is a bit of an optics mess for Samsung. But there’s more to it than that. When they stopped the release in April, you had to wonder what they were going to do to fix the issues that were there for everyone to see. After all according to Samsung, this phone had been in development for years. What could the company do in days, weeks, or months to address these issues realistically? Whatever they’re doing, it’s not happening fast enough to make this PR disaster go away.

One Response to “AT&T Customers Have Their Samsung Galaxy Fold Orders Cancelled”

  1. Rachel Park Says:

    I have a blog posted on this too, but honestly, as much of a Samsung fan I am, I don’t understand why they rushed so much to release the first “official” folding phone. They may have gotten the attention they wanted at the start, but after the Note 7 problem, I’d say they should’ve been a bit more careful so that they can fully redeem themselves.

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