Sony Pictures Releasing Canada Partnering With Roku To Promote Spider-ManTM: Far From Home

With more and more viewers cutting the cord, companies are looking to reach their target audience in new ways. According to research by analyst firm Convergence Group there will be more OTT subscriber households by the end of 2020 in Canada than TV subscribers.

With 29 million active accounts, Roku provides a large-scale platform for entertainment companies to reach their specific intended audiences. It offers unique custom sponsorships that go beyond a 15 or 30 second ad to help provide value added content to brands looking to align with a specific theme or movie title.

Sony Pictures Releasing Canada is partnering with Roku to promote the release of its highly anticipated movie Spider-ManTM: Far From Home with a customized sponsored Streaming Guide. The campaign targets fans of the franchise to raise awareness of the new film and provide a place for users to views similar Marvel entertainment.


Using its proprietary first party data, Roku is able to target its users with affinity to the Spider-ManTM franchise and superhero genre and serve up a native ad on the home screen from which they can access a special branded microsite that auto-plays the Spider-ManTM: Far From Home trailer. In addition, five existing Marvel titles, that are currently available on the Cineplex channel, are also displayed to the targeted fans.

The campaign runs till June 30 leading up to the release of Spider-ManTM: Far From Home on July 2.

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