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RCA Launches Their First 4K Roku TVs In Canada

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RCA today announced the release of its 4K UHD RCA Roku TVs as part of its line of smart TVs running the Roku OS. Prices begin at CAD 599.99 MSRP.


The 4K UHD RCA Roku TV line includes a 65” for CAD 1,299.99 MSRP, 55” for CAD 699.99 MSRP and a 50” for CAD 599.99 MSRP. The 4K TVs are the latest additions to the RCA Roku TV line which launched this summer including 50” HD, 43” HD and 32” models, starting at CAD 249.99 MSRP.

The 4K UHD RCA Roku TVs leverage the Roku platform and run the Roku operating system to provide RCA customers with an easy-to-use smart TV. In Canada, customers have quick access to more than 4,000 channels and 100,000+ movies and TV episodes as well as fast and easy Roku search, which offers an unbiased look across top streaming channels to find movies and TV shows with results ranked by price.

The 4K UHD RCA Roku TVs are available starting today from and Walmart Canada.


Roku Launches New Roku Express in Canada

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Roku, Inc. today announced that it is launching the new Roku Express in Canada, which is five times more powerful than its predecessor.The Roku Express is tiny. It comes with everything in the box to start streaming, including a simple-to-use remote control and HDMI cable, and is priced at just $39.99 MSRP.


Roku devices are powered by the Roku OS and feature a simple home screen. Consumers in Canada can access 4,000+ streaming channels, including 150,000 movies and TV episodes. They can also download the free Roku app for iOS® and Android™ mobile devices which acts as a remote, streams media from a mobile device to the TV, includes a keyboard and features such as voice search and private listening.

The Roku Express is expected to be available in November from Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Staples, The Source, London Drugs and other fine retailers at an MSRP of $39.99 CAD.

RCA Roku TVs Available Now in Canada

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RCA today announced the availability of its new line of smart TVs running the Roku® operating system. The RCA Roku TVs are available online from and and in stores throughout Canada. Prices begin at $299.


The line includes a 50” Full HD model for $599.99 MSRP, 43” Full HD model for $469.99 MSRP and 32” HD model for $299.99 MSRP.

The new RCA Roku TVs leverage the Roku TV platform to provide RCA customers with an easy-to-use smart TV interface, which features favorite streaming channels alongside other entertainment options like cable boxes, gaming consoles, antennas and other devices. In Canada customers have quick access to more than 4,000 channels and 100,000 movies and TV episodes as well as fast and easy Roku search, which offers an unbiased look across top streaming channels to find movies and TV shows, with results ranked by price.

RCA Roku TVs include a TV tuner input to receive over-the-air TV channels and feature the ability to create a Favorites Channel list. The Live TV Pause feature even allows consumers to conveniently pause live broadcasts.

The RCA Roku TV comes with an easy-to-use remote featuring channel shortcut buttons to get to content quickly. The free Roku mobile app turns iOS or Android mobile devices into a streaming companion and features remote functionality, voice search, private listening, a keyboard, the ability to share videos, music and photos to the TV.

Streaming Channels That You Might Have Missed… But Roku Has Them For You

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As far as streaming goes, most people are really just scratching the surface when it comes to options on platforms like Roku.

While popular channels like Netflix, YouTube and CinemaNow are great, consumers are now starting to dive deeper into the hundreds and hundreds of channels offering amazing content.  Name any hobby, sideline, area of interest, fad and diversion and there is likely a streaming channel for that topic.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Dieselpunk Industries is a history buff’s dream featuring media from the late 1920s to the end of World War Two. Dieselpunk takes you back in time with features, movies, shorts, and serials along with magazines, books, and comics, all from that time period.
  • You can watch the best travel series on television anytime you want with GlobeTrekker.TV. The award-winning series takes you all over the world with quirky hosts, beautiful photography and unforgettable destinations.
  • Education, recreation and information about the world’s oceans are the pillars behind the programming on the Ocean Network. It’s a mix of TV shows, documentaries and other video all aimed at ocean lovers with six categories: Sports, Preservation, Underwater, History, Documentary and New Releases.
  • A great alternative to blockbuster movie services for those with less commercial tastes. It can be an acclaimed masterpiece, a gem fresh from the world’s greatest film festivals, or a beloved classic, there are always 30 beautiful expert picked films to discover on MUBI.
  • Can’t get enough of the red carpet? Do you need to know all the Hollywood gossip? The Scene channel is your answer. With original programming from the like of Vogue, Buzzfeed, Glamour, Vanity Fair, and others, you’ll be dishing more dirt than any hollywood reporter.
  • Curiosity may have killed the cat but here, it will entertain and inform. With the CuriosityStream channel, viewers get a wide variety of programs in 12 different subject areas. Dive deep into science, technology and history with interviews, lectures, documentaries from some of the best filmmakers in the world.
  • The developers of the Great Big Story channel describe it as a channel “dedicated to the untold, the overlooked and the flat-out amazing.” The service is a collection of mini-documentaries from stories that vary from “The Story of Chef Boyardee” to “Chasing Tornadoes”.
  • The Relax My Dog channel is ideal to comfort your dog. There is music and videos in four categories; Puppy Music, Separation Anxiety Music, Fireworks and Storms Music and Sleep Music. When you’re not able to walk your fur baby, you can know they’re being taken care of.
  • Blind Cat Rescue is a channel devoted to a blind cat sanctuary located in St. Paul’s North Carolina. There’s a 24/7 live stream of the cats at the facility which was opened as a safe place for blind cats who were deemed unadoptable. It’s the purrfect destination for cat lovers who can’t get enough of innocent cats. There’s live video tours done at noon eastern on Monday through Saturday.
  • All Animals is a channel from the U.S. Humane Society focused to educate people on animal rights. An area devoted to the stories of rescued animals from awful conditions will impact viewers. There is a section on uplifting videos showcasing the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals. This channel spotlights the efforts of the Humane Society to protect animals.
  • A mix of classic TV shows and films involving animals combined with original programming that features former actress, Nancy Stafford, interviewing celebrities about their own pets. The channel accepts video submissions from pet owners indicating a strong chance of your pet getting famous! The Celebrity Pet channel tries to educate and entertain. While the pets are owned by celebrities, they’re the ones who are the real stars here.
  • Pet Viral Videos is a channel where cats rule the world! All videos are cat-related showcasing different feline videos in these categories;
    • Cat interactions with Dogs
    • Small Pets
    • Ninja Cats (Cat owners know what this means)
    • Crazy Cats
  • Pet Tube Planet’s Funniest Animal has original and comical videos featuring pets in all sorts of situations. The producers of network television shows like “Planet’s Funniest Animals” and “Funniest Pet’s and People” are responsible for this channel and many of the clips come from those shows. These classic clips will keep you laughing at the animal antics.

Roku Hits 15 Million Monthly Active Accounts

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Roku has  announced it reached 15 million monthly active accounts as of June 30, 2017 growing 43 per cent over the same period of the prior year.


Users streamed nearly 7 billion hours on the Roku platform in the first half of 2017, growing 61 per cent over the same period of the prior year.

Roku offers a collection of over 4,000 streaming channels with access to 100,000+ movies and TV episodes in Canada. Users can search and easily find content from various channels with unbiased results sorted by price.

Roku is known for streaming innovation and high customer engagement, offering content providers and video advertisers the best way to reach streaming audiences. Roku streaming players and Roku TV models are available in 10 countries through direct retail sales and licensing arrangements with TV OEMs and service operators.

Infographic: Roku Survey Reveals….

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Roku Streaming Day takes place on Saturday, May 20. Here’s an interesting infographic that offers insights into how consumers make streaming decisions, including who and what is the most influential when it comes to deciding what to watch.


Source: Roku

RCA joins Roku TV Licensing Program

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Roku, Inc. and the RCA brand, in conjunction with Display-Vu Corp. an affiliate of Curtis International Ltd., has announced that RCA,the iconic brand and long-time symbol of American ingenuity, is the latest brand to join the Roku TV licensing program. The RCA brand TVs will leverage the Roku TV platform to build and deliver smart TVs that run the Roku OS in the U.S. and Canada. The RCA Roku TVs will be available in the coming months, providing consumers with an easy-to-use smart TV including access to 5000 channels and 450,000 movies and TV episodes.


Building Strong and Simple Smart TVs

The Roku TV licensing programs offers partners an easy, efficient and cost-effective way to build smart TVs that consumers love to use. It allows TV companies to focus on building great TVs while Roku provides the operating system and takes responsibility for future software updates as well as onboarding new content.

The TVs feature an intuitive interface that puts streaming channels next to your other entertainment options such as antennas, cable boxes, gaming consoles or other devices making navigation simple. Innovative features save time and money, like fast and easy search across 300+ streaming channels to find movies and shows available for free with unbiased results ranked by price.

Roku TVs ship with a remote control. The free Roku mobile app turns iOS® or Android™ smartphones into remotes for voice search, private listening, access to a keyboard, the ability to share photos or music to the TV and much more.

Roku TV partners have seen incredible success growing their brands and market share, making Roku TV 1 out of every 8 smart TV purchases in the U.S. The first TVs will ship this summer.