TekSavvy Welcomes Government Order to CRTC

TekSavvy Solutions Inc. has welcomed the Government of Canada’s new Policy Direction, which orders the CRTC to promote competition, affordability and consumers’ interests in its oversight of Canada’s telecommunications industry.

TekSavvy hopes the CRTC will quickly fix policies that deny consumer choice and keep prices high, such as by setting fair wholesale rates, removing Internet speed caps on competitors, and finally opening up the wireless sector for competition. In 2016, the CRTC rebuked the large carriers for breaking its wholesale rate-setting rules and called their behaviour “very disturbing”. The large carriers overbilled more than $300 million that would have otherwise been passed on as savings to customers or invested in new infrastructure. The CRTC has not set final rates or refunded the overbilled amounts.

In March, TekSavvy launched its Pay Less to Connect campaign, which enabled more than 70,000 Canadians to send letters directly to their local Members of Parliament expressing frustration with high prices and little choice in the current system.

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