TELUS Announces “No Overage” Plan To Match Rogers “Unlimited” Plan

Well color me shocked as it seems that we may actually have some semblance of competition in the Canadian wireless market. But before I get to why I say that, let me do a quick recap:

Fast forward to day and it seems that TELUS has decided to come out with two new “no overage” data plans starting at $75 for 10GB and $95 for 20GB of high-speed data when customers bring their own device. And here’s what got my attention. These plans are throttled at a speed of 512 kbps once you hit your monthly data cap which is twice what Rogers or Bell offers. Also what’s interesting is that the previous promotional offers have been removed from their website. However, what hasn’t changed is that this is a time limited promotional offer that ends on July 2, 2019. Also worth noting is that the data is non-sharable which is different than the Rogers offering.

While this is interesting, I have to say that the advantage is still with Rogers as their “Unlimited” plan is not time limited and the offerings from the other two of the “big 3” are time limited. If TELUS were to make what the announced today a standard offering, I may be forced to rethink that.

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