The Most Successful CIOs Do These Three Things: ServiceNow

The role of technology in the workplace is quickly changing, and there’s a “new normal” for CIOs. Today, nearly two-thirds of CIOs (63%) say that business and leadership skills are more important than technology skills.

According to a new study of 516 CIOs from 12 countries and 24 industries, conducted by Oxford Economics and commissioned by ServiceNow, three things separate top-performing CIOs from the rest:

  1. They build C-suite influence, especially with CEOs and CHROs;
  2. They focus externally on customers; and
  3. They are further along at digitizing workflows across their organization.

However only 20% of CIOs fall within this top-performing category.

The findings further underscore why CIOs must adopt workflow digitization. CIOS who lead organizations with the most workflow digitization are more likely than the ones that are the least digitized to be highly successful in attracting and retaining top talent (45% versus 15%).

You can find the full survey findings here.

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