So Is The Huawei Ban Lifted Or Not? It Depends On Who You Ask

Over the weekend, I wrote about the fact that President Trump folded up like a cheap suit and said that the ban on everybody’s favorite telco gear maker Huawei would be lifted. But that seems to be in doubt now based on this report from Reuters which cites sources within the DOC who say staff members have been told by leadership that US companies are still prohibited from selling stuff to Huawei:

In an email to enforcement staff on Monday that was seen by Reuters, John Sonderman, Deputy Director of the Office of Export Enforcement, in the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), sought to clarify how agents should approach license requests by firms seeking approval to sell to Huawei.

All such applications should be considered on merit and flagged with language noting that “This party is on the Entity List. Evaluate the associated license review policy under part 744,” he wrote, citing regulations that include the Entity List and the “presumption of denial” licensing policy that is applied to blacklisted companies.

He added that any further guidance from BIS should also be taken into account when evaluating Huawei-related license applications.

So you have to wonder if Trump was just making stuff up as he is known to do, or he doesn’t know how things work in Washington, or maybe both at the same time. All to placate the Chinese who he crossed paths with at the G20 summit. Whatever the deal is, this is clearly a grade A gong show with no clear path to resolution or clarity.

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