DLink Must Submit To FTC Scrutiny To Make Their Legal Issues Go Away

It was a while ago that the news broke about the FTC taking DLink to court because the company made gear that was insecure. Fast forward to the present and a settlement order on the US antitrust body’s website which you can find here [Warning:PDF] details the fact that DLink has agreed to settle said lawsuit and they have pledged to maintain a “comprehensive software security program” for the next 20 years which designed to make its IP cameras and routers safe for consumers. On top of that DLink has to submit to a decade of product security audits by an agency appointed by the FTC to make sure that they are doing what they say they will do in terms of making their products secure.

Interestingly, DLink won’t have to admit to any wrongdoing. Which is interesting because by the time you agree to what I have written above, you’ve likely screwed up in some way. But I suppose that this is better than the alternative which is getting pummeled by the feds. And I suppose that this will not only make DLink gear safer, but it will send a message to gear makers everywhere that if you don’t make you gear safe, the feds will be on your doorstep. Thus in theory consumers are the big winners. Right?

2 Responses to “DLink Must Submit To FTC Scrutiny To Make Their Legal Issues Go Away”

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