Apple Turns Off Walkie Talkie Feature In watchOS Due To Eavesdropping Vulnerability

Here we go again. Much like this well publicized vulnerability from last year where you could use FaceTime to eavesdrop on others, and which left Apple with egg on their face because of the way it was handled, Apple has a similar vulnerability on its hands. In short, Apple has had to turn off the Walkie Talkie feature of the Apple Watch due to a bug that could allow users to eavesdrop on others according to TechCrunch. What’s important about to note is Walkie Talkie uses the FaceTime protocol. That makes one wonder what other bugs are hiding in there and how extensive these problems are.

Apple issued a statement noting that it was just notified about the vulnerability and has temporarily disabled the Walkie-Talkie functionality while they “quickly” fix the issue. How and when that fix will be delivered is not clear at this point. iOs 12.4 and watchOS 5.3 are in beta at this point, so my first thought is that they will likely use that as a delivery vehicle to address this bug. Or we could see a emergency patch come out to address this. There’s also the possibility that this could be a server side fix which would not require a client side software update. We’ll have to to wait and see how Apple decides to address this.

Bugs happen. I get that. But when you go around saying that you develop products that are private and secure, and you get bugs like this, it makes you look like all those statements about privacy and security are fake. Apple seriously needs to up it’s game here because clearly what I said in this article hasn’t been addressed. Which is Apple has lost the plot when it comes to making quality products.


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