Martello and Paessler Team Up

Martello Technologies Group Inc., has announced that it has teamed with Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring specialist with more than 200,000 installations of PRTG, to offer a solution that addresses the growing demand from large enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) to simplify IT service assurance. The solution is a combination of Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor which delivers IT performance and status information and Martello’s Savision iQ single pane of glass ‘manager of managers’ software, that consolidates PRTG’s data with information from other sources for a simple, unified and service-oriented view of the IT infrastructure.

Large enterprises and MSPs typically have complex IT environments, which mix distributed public and private cloud elements and require multiple applications to deliver the services its users require to conduct business. These applications include Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, with monitoring tools such as PRTG Network Monitor. It can be challenging for IT teams to harness the data from all of these applications to understand and control events in the IT infrastructure and deliver reliable service availability to users. Martello and Paessler have paired Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor for large enterprises (with more than 1,000 devices under monitoring), with Martello’s Savision iQ IT operations and analytics software that consolidates data from thousands of PRTG sensors into a single pane of glass with value added service-oriented analytics. This joint solution makes IT teams more productive, while reducing downtime and improving the user experience.

Richweb is a U.S. managed service provider based in Virginia that has recently purchased a three year subscription to this joint solution to manage its more than 2,300 small and medium-sized business customers.

The iQ ‘manager of managers’ software adds a service-oriented view to PRTG’s details view. It integrates multiple PRTG instances and other sources, reduces alert noise, adds business analytics and process automation, as well as services status reporting and automated incident workflows for troubleshooting, while PRTG allows deeper insights into details. Combined iQ and PRTG delivers an easy to use, lean but comprehensive monitoring and management solution for large IT infrastructures.

Martello’s solutions have been widely acclaimed in the industry. In September 2018, Martello received a Frost & Sullivan Leadership Award for NPM (Network Performance Management) and ranked as Ottawa’s Fastest Growing Company, at No. 28 on the Growth 500 list of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies. In June 2019, Martello was recognized for the second consecutive year on the widely respected Branham300 listing of Canada’s top ICT (Information and Communications Technology) companies. The Company has expanded its solution portfolio with several acquisitions, and recently provided a business update on its market and channel expansion, product innovation, acquisitions and capital market activities.


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