ASUS 300 and 400 AM4 Motherboards Fully Support AMD Ryzen 3000 Processors

ASUS today reiterated that its complete lineup of 300 and 400-series, AM4-socket-based motherboards offer full-feature support for the latest AMD Ryzen™ 3000-series CPUs and APUs, via an easy UEFI BIOS update that’s available immediately.

Not content with creating the industry’s best X570 motherboards, ASUS puts the needs of its customers first, and is committed to providing the best possible BIOS support for both new and existing motherboards. Our engineers have been working to ensure that the both the interface and all key features of the acclaimed ASUS UEFI BIOS are available to users of existing ASUS 300 and 400-series, AM4-socket motherboards.

Consistent, dependable features and support, via the same award-winning UEFI BIOS interface

A significant benefit of the award-winning ASUS UEFI BIOS is that our engineers work carefully and methodically to ensure that both the popular graphical interface and all key features are still available to users of all ASUS 300 and 400-series, AM4-socket motherboards. For ASUS customers, regardless of the ROM size of their motherboard, there’s no need to purchase a new motherboard simply to access features that had been available prior to the update. The upshot is that those using ASUS 300 and 400-series, AM4-socket motherboards who wish to upgrade to 3rd Generation Ryzen 3000 APU or CPU can do so safe in the knowledge that their existing BIOS experience and feature set will remain intact. In addition, ASUS will ensure that older CPUs are still supported after the BIOS update. The full compatibility list is as follows: 

ASUS motherboards and AMD Ryzen 3000 processors: a perfect match

For the ultimate Ryzen 3000 platform, users need look no further than our flagship X570-series motherboards. But those who want a more budget-friendly way to enjoy the performance benefits offered by Ryzen 3000 processorsan choose from our wide range of 400 and 300-series motherboards. Popular models in this series include the ROG Strix B450-E Gaming, TUF Gaming B450 Pro Gaming and TUF B450M Pro Gaming, all featuring a beefy VRM design with extended heatsink, thermal pad and premium components that are ready to unleash the Ryzen 3000’s performance.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.26.38 PM

Friendly and easy UEFI BIOS update for instant compatibility with AMD Ryzen 3000 processors

Updating an ASUS 300 or 400-series, AM4-socket motherboard for compatibility with the latest AMD Ryzen APUs and CPUs processors takes just moments, via one of two simple methods.

With the ASUS-exclusive USB BIOS Flashbackfeature ― which is built in to selected ASUS motherboards ― users need only to download the latest UEFI BIOS to a USB flash drive and connect the motherboard’s power supply; then insert a FAT32-formatted USB drive and press the motherboard’s USB BIOS Flashback or Reset button. No AM4 processor or memory modules need to be in place, and the update will complete in a few moments.

Alternatively, users may update via the EZ Flash 3 utility that’s integrated with the ASUS UEFI BIOS. This tool allows the update to be applied via an inserted USB drive or downloaded directly from the internet.

The UEFI BIOS update is available from the relevant motherboard-support page, via the ASUS Support website at 


ASUS 300 and 400-series motherboards are available in Canada. Please contact your local ASUS representative for further information.

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