The Great Canadian Road Trip II – Part 3: Prince Edward Island National Park

After getting a good night’s sleep, my wife and I decided to pay a visit to Prince Edward Island National Park as it had a lot to see, and it was only 30 minutes away from our hotel. So after a quick drive, we drove into the park. It cost us $16 CDN for a day pass which allowed us to go anywhere in the park. Once there we went to a couple of beaches. Starting with this one which had a lighthouse (Note: All pictures in the post are taken with the Nikon Coolpix P1000):


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Then we went on the beaches themselves which had a bit of red to them. Red sand beaches are what Prince Edward Island is known for:


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We then went to the second beach that we wanted to see. But during that walk, I got an alert on our smartphones that someone was in our Condo. Seeing as we had been robbed before, that was an immediate concern. So while my wife dialed the building management, I leveraged the fact that the we owned Belkin NetCam HD+ units which had not only a speaker but a microphone to speak to whomever in our unit. Something that clearly startled him. It turned out to be a maintenance person who was there to do some emergency plumbing work. Something that my wife confirmed with the building management. But I did spend some time watching him on my phone from the air conditioned comfort of our SUV to make sure that he was on the up and up. When the guy was done he left the light on in the bathroom. Which means that it will be on for the next week and a half.


With that out of the way we went to back to walking on the beach:


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And then we took another short drive to do some hiking on a trail that is meant for both hikers and mountain bikers as the latter get some obstacles to have fun on while they do this 3.5 KM trail.

Top Tip: Bring bug spray as we didn’t and got several bites along the way. And we sprinted the last kilometer and a half because they were so aggressive.


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Don’t get me wrong. The hike was scenic and if you have bug spray you will really enjoy it as the pictures above don’t do it justice.

After getting chomped on by bugs, we returned to our hotel room to shower and great ready for dinner. But before we went to dinner, we stopped off at the hotel’s happy hour. My wife had some chowder which she thought was fantastic along with a Blueberry Ale, and I just had a Bench Chair Lager. Both made by the Gahan House which we think we’ll be visiting while we are here as they are a 10 minute walk from the hotel. Then we went to dinner at Row House Steak And Lobster. I did fish and chips with a Sir John A’s Honey Wheat Ale by Gahan House. While my wife had a lobster dinner. The Sir John A’s Honey Wheat Ale was my second choice as their Red was out of stock. That’s the second day in a row a beer that I wanted was out of stock.

Tomorrow we’ll be going out for a 45KM ride just to stretch the legs and see what cycling is like on the roads of Prince Edward Island. Stay tuned to see how that goes.

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