Help Catch The Scumbags Who Broke Into My Place

I got robbed on June 15th 2009. They stole my MacBook Pro as well as a ton of my wife’s jewelery among other itmes. Below are stories about the actual break in as well as some very good pictures of the people who did this:

The story about the break in
The scumbags who did this

If you recognize the people who did this, call Toronto Police at 416-808-2200 and reference occurrence 3111853. Alternately, you can call CrimeStoppers at 416-222-TIPS if you don’t want to give your name, but please reference the same occurrence number.

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  1. […] see. But during that walk, I got an alert on our smartphones that someone was in our Condo. Seeing as we had been robbed before, that was an immediate concern. So while my wife dialed the building management, I leveraged the […]

  2. […] wanted to build security into our HomeKit setup as long time readers will recall that my wife and I had a break in which cost us a MacBook Pro and a lot of jewelry among other items. While we had an IP enabled […]

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