TekSavvy Comments On CRTC Decision to Lower Wholesale Broadband Internet Rates

In regards to yesterday’s announcement that the CRTC promotes competition for broadband Internet services by setting lower wholesale rates, TekSavvy’s Andy Kaplan-Myrth, VP, regulatory and carrier affairs, has issued the following statement:

“For years, incumbent carriers inflated their wholesale rates and, as a result, TekSavvy and other competitive Internet service providers struggled to compete. TekSavvy has been ringing alarm bells about this for years and today, after a lengthy process, the CRTC set realistic final rates that will allow wholesale-based providers to effectively compete.

Canadians want to pay less to connect, and the government has sent a clear signal about the importance of telecom competition. Today’s CRTC decision reflects those values and, at the same time, validates competitors’ arguments that wholesale-based providers were overcharged for years before the Commission started to make these adjustments.

Providing competitive internet services requires properly costed input rates, speed matching through access to fibre, and parity in services and service quality. This decision is one important step toward a fair framework for wholesale-based competition, and TekSavvy looks forward to continuing to fight for FTTP services and a level playing field for service quality.”

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