Quickbooks Highlights That They Help Those In The Film Industry Focus On Their Craft And Not On Their Books

TIFF – The Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing, the biggest film festival in Canada and one of the most important in the world.

While we tend to focus on the fun parties and celebrity sightings, QuickBooks wants to remind people that nearly 50% of the film industry in Canada is made up of entrepreneurs and SMBs.

Below are some Canadian self-employed entrepreneurs who work in film.

  • Michelle Carter, Canadian Producer and President of Mission Productions from Aurora, Ontario. Mission Productions is a marketing and fundraising agency that focuses on storytelling for the greater good of society
  • Mike Monson, Self-Employed, Canadian Music Composer from Hamilton, Ontario has worked with Warner Music Canada, President’s Choice, City of Hamilton, CBC Arts
  • Alex Coleman ,Canadian Film Editor from Toronto, Ontario produces and creates a broad mix of local, national and internationally released film, music video and corporate/commercial projects

The magic of film wouldn’t exist without music composers, film editors and producers like Mike, Alex and Michelle.

All three of these Canadians use QuickBooks to help them with their businesses, so they can spend more time on their craft and less time worrying about finances.

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