TekSavvy Lowers Customers Internet Bills Thanks To The CRTC

TekSavvy Solutions Inc. today announced that it is lowering bills and upgrading packages for hundreds of thousands of internet subscribers, crediting a recent decision by Canada’s telecom regulator for its consumer-friendly moves.

TekSavvy confirmed that over 85% of its customers will benefit from reduced prices or upgraded, unlimited data plans on their next monthly bill, as the ISP streamlines its retail product line in the wake of a major regulatory decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) last month.

On August 15, 2019, the CRTC determined that Canada’s biggest telecom companies—such as Bell Canada and Rogers—had grossly overstated their costs in providing smaller competitors with wholesale access to their networks. The CRTC identified numerous brazen deficiencies in the big telcos’ evidence, found that the existing wholesale rates were in fact severely inflated, and corrected the final rates down to more reasonable levels. The CRTC further ordered the big telcos to repay the amounts they had overcharged smaller competitors during the 3 year regulatory proceeding.

In a related decision from 2016, the CRTC strongly condemned the big telcos’ wholesale rate-fixing behaviour as ‘very disturbing’, because it would drive smaller competitors out of business and deny Canadians choice for Internet services.  Both CRTC decisions show the big telcos ignored the CRTC’s regulations to exaggerate their costs, which in turn drove up costs for competitors and kept retail prices high for consumers. The CRTC-ordered refund dates back to March 2016, which the big telcos claim adds up to $325 million. However, the disputed amount is much higher, given that the big telcos first introduced their extremely inflated wholesale rates in 2011.


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