If You Haven’t Updated To iOS 13 Yet, DON’T UPDATE

I’ll get to the point. iOS 13 which was released yesterday is a hot mess. While it is typical for new software releases to have issues, the scale and breadth of issues found in iOS 13 is above and beyond anything that iOS users are used to. And then there’s that security issue that Apple never bothered to fix in iOS 13 despite knowing about it in July.

The major issues that are being reported are:

  • In Mail the name of whoever sent a message is replaced by the words “No Sender.” That can usually be fixed by restarting your iOS device.
  • Apps crashing on launch
  • AirDrop working sporadically
  • Cell signal problems

But there are others. This is one that I discovered:

And that is on top of the fact that Apple pulled promised features from iOS 13 such as automation functionality and the Maps ETA functionality.  I could go on, but I think you get the point. Apple clearly rushed iOS 13 out the door. Likely so that they can make the ship date for the iPhone 11 which goes on sale today.

That would never have happened under Steve Jobs.

Thus my advice is that unless you really need to upgrade to iOS 13, wait until next Tuesday for iOS 13.1. That according to those I know who run the public betas as well as the developer betas is far more stable than iOS 13 which one developer that I know described it at “lacking the polish of typical Apple betas.” That tells you all you need to know.

Mark your calendars for next Tuesday at 1PM EST/10AM PST.

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